Riding the Waves on Seahorse

Last night on the boat

Up at 5:45 and Cynthia cooked bacon and eggs. Ed made the coffee an toasted the English muffins. We pulled away from the dock at 7:00 on our way to Melbourne.

Overcast and windy, in fact so overcast we could barely see the large buildings at Cape Kennedy. The winds really picked up after noon with true wind between 20&25 kts., gusts as high as 40!

We are pushing on to Vero Beach which will leave only 67 miles tomorrow and home.

As we near Vero we pass by Wabasso - the homes are huge with expansive lawns - quite beautiful.

The wind has been howling most of the afternoon and we're all glad to get to our destination. The marina help goes home at 5 and luckily we made it by 4:45. We were ready for a starboard tie when Ed called down that instead of going in bow first he had to go stern due to the wind and current. No problem the 'A' team quickly switched the lines to port. The hardest thing for Cynthia was to lasso the forward piling - it took several tries but found that by stepping onto the bow sprit she was able to catch it. Tom came then and looped the starboard piling and we were set. Glad to be in!

We had a much needed drink and some cheese and crackers. Ed washed off the boat and of course then came the rain.

All took showers and then a simple dinner of tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.

All looking forward to getting home tomorrow and because we pushed for Vero Beach it will be a relatively short day. North Palm Beach here we come.

We traveled a total of 89.95 nm in 9.75 hrs. Averaging 9.23 nm/hr