Riding the Waves on Seahorse

Finally Home

2:09am - Cynthia hears beep beep beep beep - silence - beep beep beep beep - silence. What was that beeping and where was it coming from? we are tied up in a slip. Tom gets up and discovers the carbon monoxide detector is the culprit. He attempts to turn it off, no luck. Why is it going off? Everything on the boat is electric except the engines and generator and neither of these are running.

We open the doors and take it outside, and air out the cabin (of course it's raining so we can't leave the doors open) it still issues the 4 beeps. We don't feel nauseous, we don't have a headache, no dizziness (all symptoms of the poisoning). We put it in the fridge so we can't hear it it - we still hear it.

(Cynthia goes into their cabin to get the detector in their cabin which by the way is not beeping. Side note: Ed had purchased these detectors and had them on board. The night we anchored and were running the generator for awhile he opened them up and placed one in each stateroom and the main salon)

We looked closer at the instructions on the back and to disable the alarm you break through the label and with a screwdriver turn the slot counter clockwise. Ahh silence! Of course now we are wide awake, wonder if it is in the cabin and ask each other if we're feeling anything. We both answer no and eventually fall back to sleep.

By the way - Ed slept through the whole thing!

Everyone was up by 6:00. Cynthias made pancakes for breakfast and by 7:00 we were on our way. 55 miles to go until we are home. It was overcast most of the way and the winds again were strong.

We all were looking forward to pulling into the dock and at 1:15 we were in 12 Oaks marina. Cara was on the dock to greet us and we were all excited to see her as well. Luckily Ed had thought ahead and all the bow and spring lines were there waiting for us. We easily grabbed the lines and tied Seahorse up. She was finally home in her stall.

We thank Ed and Cara for allowing us to be a part of this adventure. We look forward to cruising with them - they on Seahorse and we on SynergyII - maybe we'll even coax Knot R Problem to join.

As Tom and I always say after a trip - "it's good go and good to get home"!

Traveled 55.60 nm in 6 hrs. 40 min. 8.34nm/hr