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15 May 2012
Blog updates April/May
17 Lobos
We spent a lovely couple of nights in Lobos. When we pulled in and anchored we found friends from La Paz. We also met a new guy that was preparing to head to the South Seas. If all goes well for him he will be at sea for 6 to 8 weeks. What an adventure to undertake all alone. We fed him and wished him well.
18 Lobos
Winds are up and it is a great day for sailing. We watched our new friend weigh anchor and sail away as we were preparing to do the same only our day would end before dark and we would find ourselves in a safe little harbor. We wish him a safe and happy journey. I am really intrigued with his trip.
19 San Evaristo
I always like being in San Evaristo. I delivered the school supplies and the calculators were especially appreciated. We went to shore and enjoyed a fabulous dinner of yellow fin tuna at the palapa. We visited with new and old friends. What can I say other than life is good and the view is ever changing and always spectacular.
20 SE
What a wonderful morning. A very large whale shark came into the bay and we were able to quietly follow him around in the dinghy. They are such large and beautiful creatures. He didn’t seem to mind our shadowing of him and stayed at the surface and leisurely swam through the bay. This is a marvelous way to start a morning.

21 Los Gatos
We have left San Evaristo behind. Today was a motor and sail day. The wind came up and we got the sails out and started to enjoy the sail when before long the wind dropped off to nothing. Not just a light wind but absolutely nothing. It was so still and the water like glass it was almost eerie. Definitely glad to have a motor. Oh well.
We had a lovely lunch of sandwiches and chips and we were visiting and relaxing in the cockpit as we motored along. Ed spotted a disturbance in the water off a short distance. I grab for the binoculars and even with the glasses we couldn’t quite identify what it was but there was a line of splashing. We turned towards the sight and became aware that it was dolphins and they were moving towards us. Like a bat out of hell they were swimming hard at us. They didn’t pause as they parted past us and kept on going. I don’t know where they were going but they were going in a big fat hurry. It was a lovely sight but they were gone almost as soon as we had identified them. Roxie went nuts seeing them so close.
Four boats in anchor; three sailboats and one motor boat. Immediately after anchoring we headed to shore to let the dog go potty. We met another dinghy and visited a bit and then they motored off to check out some dolphins that were swimming inside the bay. They drove their motor dinghy through the center of the pod and whooped and hollered and chased them around for a bit and then motored off. I told Ed that they were from the power boat and sure enough that is the boat they returned to. After watching that kind of harassment we only watched them from a distance. We paddle over a little closer but didn’t want to impose on their space. It was quite a sight to be enjoyed. The dolphins jumped high out of the water. They did spins and jumps and tail slaps. Sometimes they performed in twos or threes or even fours. This was better than Sea World. This display continued past sunset. After dinner we had drinks and played games in the cockpit as the show slowly came to a close.

22 Agua Verde
We arrived in Agua Verde and anchored in late afternoon. It is a pretty area to be. We walked into the village and were told there was a restaurant so we arrived at this little house that had a sign hand painted outside on the gate that said “restaurant”. No one spoke English and as we all know my Spanish is not great. We managed to find out that yes we should stay and they would make us dinner. There was one table and they offered us the chairs. They apologized that there was no pescado but that tomorrow they would have some. Tonight’s menu was beans, rice, and cheese quesadillas.
This is made with goat cheese which is what this bay is known for. The guide books tell us that the opportunity to buy this fresh made cheese must not be ignored. They were right the cheese was excellent. It was an experience to sit and eat all alone while the family life went on around us. We even got to meet the newest family addition, a loveable little puppy.
23 Agua Verde
This morning we moved our location to the other side of a small point within the bay. It was a bit quieter and appealing. Ed went snorkeling and I went swimming. I also paddled slowly around near shore and watched the fish near the rocks.
There were two other boats nearby and we were invited for drinks at sundown. The boat was a 44 foot catamaran named Double Diamonds. She was beautiful and luxurious. It was a pleasant way to spend the evening.
24 Puerto Escondido
Here we are in Puerto Escondido. It is a very large bay. We tootled around on the inside and then returned to the waiting room and found a spot to anchor. It was a peaceful night.

25 PE
We ran into Janet and Russ on Rock and Roll. We made plans to have appetizers and drinks on their boat. It was great to see them and we ended up playing games into the evening. Their boat is beautiful and filled with personality. They have been out for years and had so many adventures it was fun to hear about some of them. Their boat is their home and you can really feel the hominess when you step aboard.
26 PE
27 PE
28 PE
29 PE
We went to the outdoor market today. It was an experience. The produce was very fresh and the variety was large. We filled up on produce as well as some cheese, meat and eggs. Ed and I also each found a new hat. It was really a big flea market.
30 PE
1 PE
We went on a trip to San Javier mission. It was a long drive on a very small narrow but mostly paved road up high into the mountains. The desert gives way to narrow lush valleys that grow date palms. It is easy to see the impact that the current drought is having. The cactus looks thirst as well as the palms. The cows are so skinny it makes me sad. The burros seem to adapt easier than the cows. Pictures will have to tell the stories.
2 PE
Tomorrow is the start of Loreto Fest. Everything is getting busier and there is an air of urgency for those responsible. Tents are being set up and tables and chairs delivered and set up. The bar and kitchen have sort of taken shape. I have been selling the merchandise and memberships each morning pretty much since we arrived. I am enjoying myself and I like to help.
3 PE
Loreto Fest starts today. It is frantic. I am happily selling memberships and merchandise removed from the tents. It is cooler at the clubhouse and I am well shaded. As soon as my area is finished being set up though it will be time for us to move to our own tent. We will need to start selling tickets as well. All food and drinks are paid for with tickets purchased from our tent. It is the only location that will deal with money.
PE 4, 5, and 6
The Loreto Fest has something for almost everyone. There is music, seminars, food, drinks, classes, a silent auction and lots of games. I have seen many old friends here. It has been fun and busy. I finally met up with Sandy Edmondson. I was selling tickets when a woman said, “You look so familiar like you should be a neighbor from back home.” I asked where she was from and when she said Vancouver Washington we both asked at the same time if we belonged to OWSA. Patty is a very good friend of Sandy’s and is staying on her boat. I finally got to meet up with Sandy and swap stories and ask questions. We had drinks on Faith and I can see why people from back home like Alice Patten and Robin told me to find her while I was down here. She is a gracious and fun loving woman. I hope I have the opportunity to sail with her more in the future. We are helping to tear down and clean up today and then we will head back to La Paz in the morning. We have lots to do to be ready to start house sitting in June. More adventures await.

May 8th
We settled into Candelaras for the night. We went into the resort and had a couple of drinks and surprisingly ran into some friends we hadn’t seen in a while. The resort is quite nice though it is rather isolated for guests staying on land. We headed back to our boat and soon the wind began to pick up. We decided that we should take the shade tarp down. By this time the wind was really kicking up and the tarp was hard to manage. We noticed that all the dinghies on shore were making a beeline back to their boats as the wind gusted up to 27 knots. The storm came out of nowhere and didn’t show up on any of the weather sights. After less than an hour the winds came down to less than 18 to 20 knots and continued until late into the night and then by morning all was calm and bright. This was a very strange storm that seemed quite isolated to our area. I have read about them but this was our first.
May 10th was a sailing day to cherish. It was a bright beautiful day with calm seas no more than a foot swells and the wind was 11 to 12 knots freshening to 16 knots. Sails were up and the day was perfect. We had spent the night before in Candeleras and we were now heading to Agua Verde. We cruised into the new anchorage with no problems. A quick trip to shore and then back for a fabulous dinner of chicken and broccoli. The evening was spent playing cribbage in the cockpit enjoying a very gentle breeze. After we went to bed Roxie started barking and would not be stopped. We finally went out on deck to see if we could figure out what was upsetting her so much. We witnessed the coolest sight I have perhaps ever seen. You all know my fascination with the bioluminescent. All around our boat were dolphins feeding on fish. They both showed their shapes as soft glows in the water with trails of sparkling star like twinkles in the water. The dolphins swam through the water and the fish would streak away in all directions. Words cannot possibly describe the scene but Ed and I were awed. As for Roxie, well she finally settled down with uneasiness and watched the light show leaning against me.
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