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08 February 2009

Plans for 2009 and 2010

08 February 2009
This year we are planning a last trip to Scandinavia and then sail over to Scotland and trqnsit the Caledonian Canal into the Irish sea. Then slowly cruising down to the southern tip of Ireland where we will wait for a god weatherwindow for a passage direct to Madeira and then the Canary Islands.

In December we will cross the Atlantic to the Caribbean where we will cruise until April May 2010. At the latest in May 2010 we should transit the Panama Canal and up along the Central American coutries and Mexico. From the north western Mexico the plan is to sail over to Hawaii and use those islands as a stepping stone for our dream destination, ALASKA.

For how long we will stay in Alaska, only God knows, but eventually we shall sail down to the Vancouver Island to be with friends for a while.

At the moment we want to gather as much sailing information about Alaska as possible. Best places to vivit, weather in the season and everything there is to know. So please folks, if you have anything useful for us, please write an email to us.

We will try to keep the blog going once we are on the way.

Until then, fair winds,

Chris and Bea
Vessel Name: Sea Otter
Vessel Make/Model: Beneteau Idylle 15.50 One Off, totally rebuilt
Hailing Port: Abbekås, Sweden
Crew: Bea and Chris
About: we are a retired couple making our dream come true, cruising the seven seas. Chris is the captain onboard of course. However, Bea is the admiral which sometimes leads to court-martial, hmmm.
Extra: We also have a website: seaotter1 dott com
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Sea Otter Crew

Who: Bea and Chris
Port: Abbekås, Sweden