12 October 2021 | Annapolis, Back Creek- anchored
07 October 2021 | Cape May
06 October 2021 | Long Island
03 October 2021 | Newport RI
22 September 2021
09 June 2018 | Westport Island, ME
03 May 2018 | Solomon Islands, MD
11 April 2018 | Vero Beach, Fl
02 April 2018 | West End, Abaco
21 March 2018 | Treasure Cay Marina, Abaco
09 March 2018 | Spanish Wells
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21 February 2018 | Black Point, Exuma. Bahamas
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12 October 2021 | Annapolis, Back Creek- anchored
John & Ann anncrisp@gmail.com
Quiet, calm night anchored off Hot Dog Beach, Sassafras River. Left early AM with the wind and waves behind us, sailing down Chesapeake Bay wing-in-wing. This would have been a lot easier if we knew how to use our whisker pole, but it wasn't the time to learn with 14-16 kts & waves behind us. ( note to self... learn that gizmo ASAP!). Arrived Annapolis and anchored in Back Creek right in front of Port Annapolis- our old stomping grounds from 3 years ago. This is where we sold our previous boat- Perspective- through David Walters Yachts ( George Eberhard, broker). Nice to see people we haven't seen for awhile and be in the center of hundreds of boats coming and going. It's boat show week so the yachts are amazing and so many of them. We are invited to a customer appreciation reception Saturday night so will hang here until then.
Today was my 58th birthday! I started the day virtually attending the Fall 2020 nurse residency graduation. These are such amazing nurses and I am so fortunate to have met them and been part of their first year at MidCoast Hospital. They give me hope for the future of nursing.
We took an Uber to a " fondue" restaurant- John didn't get "why we had to cook our own food at an expensive restaurant." Valid argument but laughed a lot and it was super fun. We're so happy with our boat- it feels like home. Thanks for checking in friends & family! XO

Delaware River- C&D Canal - Sassafras River

10 October 2021
John & Ann anncrisp@gmail.com
South Jersey Marina was great… except for the strong current. They let us move out to a long dock for easy departure… it wasn’t that easy as the current was 2 kts at 7 am ….. no damage but not slick getting off the dock! Pulled out the mainsail on our way out… Current against stiff (14-16 kt) NE wind at the inlet ( see picture & video in gallery pics) made for a bumpy but expected ride. Once able to turn up Delaware Bay with a reefed main and jib…. Riding a 2-2.5 kt current…. We FLEW! Commercial traffic ( tankers & tugs pushing barges) were few and pretty easily negotiated as we sped up the Delaware. Entered the Chesapeake-Delaware Canal (63 miles from Cape May!) around 3 pm and started motoring….( no sailing allowed in the canal). We had dockage reserved at Schaffer’s marina for the night anticipating we would be tired & hungry. So, for $115 (!) we got the pleasure of tying up to pilings on a restaurant’s face dock in 2-3 kts of current (we could literally ask to pass the ketchup…. People at tables directly over us….. and open until 11!!🙄). We ordered some food, ate….and tried to sleep as the wakes from passing boats rocked us around.
Departed at almost slack current- 8 am easily off the dock and motored 20 miles to the Sassafras River. Currently alone in an anchorage protected from the north wind gusts, a few beautiful homes, fish schooling, and terns trying to scoop them up. John said “ it finally feels like we’re cruising”. We’ll get down to Annapolis tomorrow hoping to pick up a mooring but have a few spots to anchor if none available ( this is Boat Show week in Annapolis). Moorings are first come first serve. Hoping to catch up with friends while there. Thanks for checking up on us! All good here!

Cape May!

07 October 2021 | Cape May
John & Ann anncrisp@gmail.com
Yay & Hooray! Left Block Island at 4:30 am on a clear and cold morning….. but the sunrise makes all the difference in the world! No wind, so motored for the next 34 hours(!!!). John mostly doesn’t sleep at night so I had to get tough at 11:30 pm and threaten that we will do NO MORE overnight passages unless he sleeps…….and he did. 👏
The night was clear, no moonlight, but a sky filled with stars and phosphorescence splashing off our bow wake. Beyond identifying tankers and fishing trawlers on radar, the night was magical. Sunrise has a way of alleviating a little anxiety so it is always a welcomed site as the sky begins to lighten. We watched schools of fish all the way to Cape May, but just before arriving, a humpback whale blew and showed off his tail fluke three times!! It was a lovely welcome to Cape May! We’re staying at South Jersey Marina for a few nights and will head up the Delaware River Saturday morning to ride the current northward.
Thanks for checking in friends & family! We love & miss you!

Block Island to Cape May

06 October 2021 | Long Island
John & Ann anncrisp@gmail.com | Cleare
Had a great sail Newport to Block Island- picked up a mooring ( first come first served- no reservations) but plenty moorings and anchoring space available. Early morning 4:30am departure…. Pitch black! No moonlight. Welcomed sunrise at 6:38 am, now motoring for the next 30 hi ours or so to Cape May.
our least favorite part of this adventure is sailing ( or motoring) at night…. It adds elements of anxiety for what’s out there that we can’t see floating in the water.
We’re always “ clipped in” on these passages…. Life harnesses and clipped into a rope John has rigged so we can move around the cockpit or deck and be attached to the boat if we go overboard.
Skimming down the Hamptons and Long Island now.
The sun is out, the air is warming , and we’re anticipating a night of motoring. There’s not enough wind to sail but the seas are relatively calm.
I have lots of time to think….
Take care friends & family! Love you all.

Onset & Marion, to Newport

03 October 2021 | Newport RI
John & Ann anncrisp@gmail.com
A couple days of rest, exploring, and dinner with our friend, Ray Krueger, was just what the doctor ordered.
We left Marion at sunrise on flat, glass like seas. Buzzards Bay is only 20-50 feet deep all over, with large schools of baitfish everywhere. Motor sailed to Newport (7 hours) and picked up a mooring from the harbormaster ($46/night). With rain in the forecast, we’ll stay an extra day and head out to Block Island to prep for a 30 hour trip to Chesapeake Bay. Wind & wave models look like we won’t get beaten up too badly….. I’ll be sure to blog once we get to Chesapeake Bay. The boat has been great. We’re watching the Patriots game on our TV, sitting on a mooring in Newport, with rain falling and no wind. No complaints here… we’re settling in nicely.

Westport Island to Cape Cod Canal

29 September 2021
John & Ann anncrisp@gmail.com
Wonderful N-NW wind behind us - 2-3 ft. waves. We're so relieved to finally be underway on our "new to us" boat. We picked up a hitchhiking sparrow who has been clinging to the Bimini for an hour now... he's a long way from land for those little wings! The geese are also heading South.
We're anticipating having to motor this afternoon as the wind will die down and we have to maintain speed to catch the current in the canal. Will be crossing Boston traffic lanes at night.... Always a fun time. Addendum….
Arrived at Cape Cod Canal entrance on time- sun shining. It was a long night- cold! and started raining as we crossed Boston travel lanes…. BUT our adrenaline got ramped up as we were sailing along- 14 kts of wind on a beam reach and suddenly came to a complete STOP ( in the dark…. 5 am)……
There are random large red marker balls that look like moorings- and we ran over one of them… luckily we were bouncing in waves and it popped free. … and then we were AWAKE to be greeted by the Canal’s beacon.

Stay safe out there family & friends!
Vessel Name: Seascape
Vessel Make/Model: Hylas 46
Hailing Port: Westport Island, Maine
Crew: Ann and John
About: We found our 1996 Hylas 46 in Florida in 2020. This will be our first trip down the east coast in this boat, having sailed to the Bahamas in 2018/2019 in our Cabo Rico 38. A physician and nurse looking at a retirement lifestyle.
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