Retirement to Bahamas

Mike and Judy have been sailing for some 25 years. We have dreamed for years about retiring and sailing to the Bahamas and Caribbean. We are living our dream!

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Basic Skills

01 February 2011
I've been blessed with a solid upbringing and a good education. There are, however, a couple of rudimentary skills that I've acquired that have served me well in the more mature part of my life.

The first is touch typing. As personal computers began to emerge, I quickly realized that the days of the "secretary" would vanish and technology would replace the "steno". Nothing would and will ever replace the "executive assistant" (Janet, Carmelle, MJ and others) but the notion of drones who would take the "hen scratching" of "executives" and transpose it into the wonderfully regular fonts such as "times new roman" and "sans serif" by virtue of typewriter days are numbered. So I organized and arranged a "touch typing for managers" course at our then Department of Municipal Affairs and Environment. It was drudgery but even the feeble minds of managers could comprenehtd the "asdf" and"qwerty" logic of keyboarding.

So I stuck with it and can touch type, looking at the screen and composing "on the fly".

The other " basic skill" that I've acquired which has served me well over my slowly advancing years is dancing. Sure I could do the "Nort' Shore Shuffle" as good as anyone but when the fancy music came on, I slinked to the back of the room like so many of my contemporaries. Fast forward to the year 1999 and we are plotting a fitting way to ring in the Millennium. We along with friends Bob and Carolyn and several other couples decided we should ring in this auspicious milestone in high style; at the famous Algonquin Inn in Saint Andrews NB . This is to be a very formal event with ballroom dancing, tuxes gowns, and full "pomp and circumstance"

So, how to migrate from the North Shore Shuffle to holding our own with the high society of south New Brunswick?. Carolyn in her ambitious and take charge way says, "we'll take dance lessons". Well, to make a long story short, we learned how to dance with out good friends and now we can "cut a rug" with the best of them, anywhere, anytime.

How is this relevant to cruising the Bahamas? Well, we've just returned to Georgetown and tonight was another open air dance at the "Chat and Chill". We had so much fun with our ever increasing circle of fiends. The dance started qt 6:00 pm and wound up at 9:00 (cruiser's midnight). We never left the dance floor which was essentially a balcony at the infamous "Chat an' Chill". The median age was probably 60 at least and the dance floor was filled from the beginning to end.

So, fortunately (or unfortunately) for you, my typing skills and dancing skills have emerged into another blog post......
Vessel Name: Sea Sharp
Vessel Make/Model: Hunter Legend 37.5
Hailing Port: Douglas Harbour, NB, Canada
Crew: Mike, Judy and Chopin (the boat cat)
Mike will be retiring in September 2008 after a long and rewarding career with the civil service in New Brunswick, Canada. I will end my career as President of Service New Brunswick, the "single window" service delivery agency for multi-jurisdictional government services to citizens and businesses. [...]
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Preparing for Retirement Trip

Who: Mike, Judy and Chopin (the boat cat)
Port: Douglas Harbour, NB, Canada