Retirement to Bahamas

Mike and Judy have been sailing for some 25 years. We have dreamed for years about retiring and sailing to the Bahamas and Caribbean. We are living our dream!

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Fixin' Things

18 February 2011
So, we're still in Georgetown and enjoying the cruiser lifestyle. Weather has been excellent although there has been a moderate front a couple of days ago with a high pressure following which has meant brisk but not uncomfortable winds.

I'm happy to report that I've fixed the several outstanding boat problems. As you have previously read, I fixed the head (bathroom) issues as messy as they were. I have more recently fixed the shower sump pump. The water drains from the shower into a small basin and then when there's a certain amount of water which has collected, a switch kicks in and pumps the water overboard. This failed a while ago, necessitating scooping the water out of the basin. Well, I finally fixed it; the pump and switch were fine but there was a corroded connection which took a while to find but, ever the sleuth, I tracked it down and renewed the connection. It now works fine.

My most frustrating and significant problem has been the breakdown of the wind generator. Recall that this is a small windmill, not unlike those behemoths which are cropping up on our rural landscapes, slowly churning kilowatts of electricity. Many cruising boats have wind generators as a complement to solar panels and other means of restoring power to the batteries which are the lifeblood of life on board. Our wind generator, which we had affectionately dubbed 'Judy the Generator" stopped working a month ago and in the interim I've been through a nightmare of postal bureaucratic bumbling to get the offending part from Fort Lauderdale Florida to Georgetown Bahamas, probably only 150 miles as the crow flies. Anyway to make a very long and frustrating story short, I finally received the replacement part (circuit board) yesterday and with the generous and capable help of Roger on Audacious, this morning, we took down the wind generator, disembowelled the guts to replace the new circuit board and as we speak in 13 or so knots of wind, "Judy the Generator" is merrily restoring amps to our power starved system. I feel satisfied with a job well done and the past three weeks of frustration navigating my way through the bureaucracy of the various methods of parcel delivery are dimming.

You've heard me profess the virtues of the Kindle over many past blogs. I equate this marvellous device to several other must have things for a full or half time cruiser like autopilot, watermaker, hot water, etc. It becomes an essential part of our lives. So you've heard me proclaim that in addition to the ebook features which alone are amazing, the fact that you get free internet is the icing on the cake. Well, on a morning "net" two days ago a fellow cruiser was equally proclaiming the virtues of the Kindle and ultimately, he and I offered to the cruising community to put on a workshop to exhort the virtues of this amazing device. So, yesterday at the predetermined time cruisers gathered at "volleyball beach" under the casuarina trees to hear my spiel. As it turned out well over 100 people showed up to hear my dissertation and pose many questions. This is the same venue as the regular Sunday beach church and I think it's fair to say that more people turned out for our talk that the Sunday Service.

It's a testimonial to this great community that people love to share their experiences and knowledge to the general betterment of the broad community. I felt proud that I was able to return to a certain extent, the favour.

We've been doing aqua size, yoga, volleyball, hikes, socializing and just chillin'. Weather has been great but with brisk winds. Now that I've ironed out the various issues, Sea Sharp is doin' fine. Life is good!
Vessel Name: Sea Sharp
Vessel Make/Model: Hunter Legend 37.5
Hailing Port: Douglas Harbour, NB, Canada
Crew: Mike, Judy and Chopin (the boat cat)
Mike will be retiring in September 2008 after a long and rewarding career with the civil service in New Brunswick, Canada. I will end my career as President of Service New Brunswick, the "single window" service delivery agency for multi-jurisdictional government services to citizens and businesses. [...]
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Preparing for Retirement Trip

Who: Mike, Judy and Chopin (the boat cat)
Port: Douglas Harbour, NB, Canada