SeaSwift: on the hard at Grenada Marine, St David's, Grenada!

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20 November 2019 | Port of Everett, WA
07 October 2019 | Everett, WA
07 October 2019 | Tsusiat Falls
07 October 2019 | Hot Springs Cove
07 October 2019 | Hot Springs Cove
07 October 2019 | Hot Springs Cove
20 August 2019 | Center Island, WA
20 August 2019 | Center Island, WA
24 July 2019 | Port GardnerBay, Everett, WA
12 July 2019 | San Juan Islands/Everett
20 June 2019 | Bradenton, FL
03 June 2019 | St David's, Grenada
25 May 2019 | St David's Bay, Grenada
16 May 2019 | Martinique
15 May 2019 | towards Martinique
14 May 2019 | Bequia
09 May 2019 | St Bart's
07 May 2019 | Barbuda

Mill Town Sailing Association/ Everett Sea Scouts

20 November 2019 | Port of Everett, WA
Barry Bartholomew | 40 degrees, overcast and
Hello All!
It has been a very crazy fall, heading into winter, in the Pacific NW for this sailor. Most challenging process for me has been dispersing of my accumulation of 45 years of stuff! Amazing what one can collect if you have a shop big enough to store most anything and NEVER have to throw anything away.....EVER! All this work is in preparation for selling my NW home this coming spring 2020.
One collection that blossomed beyond my imagination is my nautical library. Over the years I have collected books on yacht design, building techniques, navigation, sail boat racing, tactics, cruising to distance shores and of course non fiction novels on adventures on the sea, survival and on and on. Didn't take a final tally but a number of years ago a very close friend did an Excel spreadsheet on the grouping and at that time 227 books were listed. I didn't stop dragging books home at that place in time for sure. When I rounded them up to pass on there were 15 boxes of books and a sextant in the stack!! I have read every single book once some twice and a few more. Sucking up the sense of adventure and the knowledge these books have provided which has served me well on my own adventures....and still is!
The wonderful thing that has been surprisingly gratifying has been passing on things I have had a great passion for. There are a number of stories how certain things have gone to the most deserving recipient possible.
Tonight I donated my Sailing Library to the Everett Mill Town Sailing Association who in turn supports the Everett Sea Scouts. I have been a continuing blind patron to the Sea Scouts for almost 9 years now.
After communicating with different members of the club and Pam the Commodore of Mill Town, we decided for me to drop off the gift on the evening of the Sea Scouts meeting. They could help carry the boxes into the club house and get the first opportunities to peruse thru the books for those they might like to read and check them out. The collection will substantially augment the clubs existing library that they check out to members and Scouts. After the Scouts carried the books in I was given the opportunity to speak to the Scouts by Paul the Scout Master. The club is set up similar to the Girl & Boy Scouts with the mission to teach seamanship to co-ed teenagers thru classroom and on the water experience.
What a grateful, attentive group of young people they are! A little over a dozen were on hand for the meeting. All were dressed appropriately and well mannered, how refreshing! The group camaraderie was also very evident and playful.
Something to really feel good about in these crazy times we are in...Amen...

A late stay this year, fly out for the Bungalow on this coming Monday the 25th of November.

NW Home Port - Everett, WA

07 October 2019 | Everett, WA
Barry Bartholomew
We traveled over 500 miles by water to reach the Hot Springs Cove located 1/2 way up the outside of Vancouver Island. This side of the island is on the Pacific Ocean and faces Japan. It is impacted by fierce storms during winter coming out of the SW. There are over one thousand documented ship wrecks that earned this area the name "Graveyard of the Pacific"
Happy to report we saw a bunch of wildlife along the way. We were acutely on the look out for whales. No Orca's were spotted but we did see one solitary Gray Whale off of Ucluelet on the outside and two huge Hump Backs off Victoria on the the return leg.
Most of the ride from Victoria both ways was in swell and bumpy but "My Orca" handled the task well. Thank God for hydraulic suspension seats!!! The boat pounded thru as we floated along in our comfortable seats. We were able to average 25 mph and burned 240 gallons of fuel in the process.
We had a great time and are already planning the next adventure.....most likely to Alaska!
It that case we'll go north along the inside of Vancouver Island and return motoring down the west coast the island which will make it a circumnavigation of Vancouver Island. Of course we'll have to explore each of the 7 inlets along the way.
It will be first for John and second for me!

Hot Springs Cove, Vancouver Island......

07 October 2019 | Tsusiat Falls
Barry Bartholomew
A beautiful site along the way was Tsusiat Falls.
These falls seem to flow right out of the trees but obviously due to the volume of water it is supported by a lake behind it. Notice the foot bridge across the top of the falls. This is found about 80 miles west of Victoria.
Vessel Name: SEASWIFT
Vessel Make/Model: Southern Cross 35 Cutter
Hailing Port: Center Island, WA
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