SeaSwift: on the hard at Grenada Marine, St David's, Grenada!

Life's a Beach!

12 July 2019 | San Juan Islands/Everett
20 June 2019 | Bradenton, FL
03 June 2019 | St David's, Grenada
25 May 2019 | St David's Bay, Grenada
16 May 2019 | Martinique
15 May 2019 | towards Martinique
14 May 2019 | Bequia
09 May 2019 | St Bart's
07 May 2019 | Barbuda
06 May 2019 | Barbuda
06 May 2019 | Barbuda launch
05 May 2019 | Barbuda Developement
03 May 2019 | Falmouth, Antigua
15 April 2019 | Falmouth, Antigua
06 April 2019 | Falmouth, Antigua

Summer in the NW!

12 July 2019 | San Juan Islands/Everett
Barry Bartholomew
Spent June at the Bungalow. Tidied things up while there a bit. Biggest project was to take down one of the two big pine trees in the front yard. It was struck by lightning last fall, I tried to save it by having the dead limbs on one side trimmed but eventually the entire tree died. SO had it taken down, hauled away and the stump ground to below grade.
Dungeness crab season opened in the NW on July 4th so as tradition would have it John, Jack and I were out on Puget Sound and managed to once again get our limits!
Then of Tuesday I ran John's boat up to the cabin on Center Island to open it up for the summer. Charlene and her Mom are up from Florida and St Louis and staying on San Juan Island at Lime Kiln Point to view the migration of the Orca whales. I took them up some crab and we enjoyed a chatty visit and dinner at the Schooner Restaurant in Friday Harbor.
Thursday I pointed the boat back south for the 2 hour, 52 mile run back to Everett. While passing the entrance to the LaConner slew I stopped to take a picture of these eagles watching a group of seals lounging on the beach.
The salmon must be in as when I reached the north end of Camano Island there were a group of 8 adult eagles on the beach. Slowed to take their picture but they weren't having it and scattered, dang.
Eagle vision is amazing. They usually sit in trees high above the water, when the salmon come into the shallows or start up the streams to spawn, they get 'em. They also get the salmon after they've spawned. At that point the fish are easy prey as their life is about over anyway.
John's out of town and will be returning tonight. This evening I set 4 crab pots to soak over night. We usually don't do this do to pot theft but are chancing it anyway as we are going on the 53rd annual Wenatchee River Float Saturday & Sunday and hope to treat our friends to some crab at the bonfire.
Wish us luck!
Barry _/)

Landing in Seattle, back to the Pacific North West!

27 June 2019 | Seattle
Barry Bartholomew
Panoramic photo from the plane of Elliot Bay and the Seattle waterfront, Seattle Center, Alki Point,
Blake Island, Bainbridge Island, Elliot Bay Marina, Lake Union.

Can you find the Space Needle?
How about the Music Experience?
See the seaplane landing on Lake Union?
How about the ketch under full sail on the lake?

Best to enlarge the picture to see better...

Bungalow ...less one pine tree!

20 June 2019 | Bradenton, FL
Barry Bartholomew
Had the pine tree by the drive removed. It was hit by lightning last fall and slowly turned brown and died. Notice the spot to the right of the hedge left light colored where the stump was ground below grade.
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Vessel Make/Model: Southern Cross 35 Cutter
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