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The further adventures of s/v Sea Venture, a Hudson Force 50 following the Wind of God.

05 October 2008 | Ensenada, MX
18 July 2008 | Ensenada
21 June 2008 | Baja Naval
21 June 2008 | Baja Naval, Ensenada
18 June 2008 | Ensenada
09 June 2008
25 May 2008 | Marina Bay, Richmond, CA
10 May 2008
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30 April 2008
30 April 2008 | Marina Bay
13 March 2008
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03 October 2007 | Marina Bay
06 August 2007 | Marina Bay
13 January 2007 | Richmond, CA
12 January 2007 | Marina Bay, Richmond, CA

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05 October 2008 | Ensenada, MX
We've let our premium membership lapse as we pull back on our spending. If you wish to see pictures, visit our website at

More pictures in the gallery

18 July 2008 | Ensenada
I've added pictures to the Ensenada photo album in a sub folder entitled Language School. We have completed the course, but I'm still not speaking Spanish. I understand quite a lot, but I can't seem to get it out of my mouth. Italian still intrudes. Oh, well. Michael's command of the language keeps us going, with me as interpreter when he doesn't catch the drift. Alone, we struggle. Together, I suppose we're adding up to a whole person.

I'll get some pictures of friends uploaded soon. We're having a great time. Diane Olson from Daydreamer (out of Anchorage) became my walking partner before she and her husband John left for Alaska and daughter's wedding. They've sold their lovely boat, but will be taking it on the HaHa with its new owner. I trust we'll meet them again in the Sea. Making good friends is what this is all about.

Across from us is Elan with a Belgian couple on board. I'll write more about them later, but suffice it to say, we're having a great time with them and their beautiful daughter, Laure. I've promised to speak English for now, but once we all get past Cabo, they've agreed to help me with my French.

The flag

21 June 2008 | Baja Naval
I've never seen a bigger flag. Anywhere. It acts as a homing point for us as it flies right off our starboard side and can be seen from anywhere in town. It allows us to explore because we can always find our way home.

Take a look at the photos in the Gallery (link to right) for more pics of the flag and Ensenada.
Vessel Make/Model: Hudson Force 50
Hailing Port: Marshallberg, North Carolina
Crew: J. Michael and Normandie Fischer
About: Family and Friends who drop by
Extra: We're still trying to get out of Dodge. When all is ready, look for the beautiful boat with the blue dove on her sail as we head south from California and then either right or left, depending on the direction the wind of God points.
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Who: J. Michael and Normandie Fischer
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