Second Knot

13 September 2020 | St Clair River
12 September 2020 | St Clair Boat Harbor, South Wall
11 September 2020 | Yates Cider Mill
08 September 2020 | Safe Harbor Jefferson Beach Marina
29 August 2020 | Lexington State Harbor
06 August 2020 | Lexington
05 August 2020 | Lexington State Harbor
04 August 2020 | Lexington
03 August 2020 | Lexington
27 July 2020 | Clinton River, Anchor Bay, North Channel, and St Clair River
26 July 2020 | Belle Maer Harbor
25 July 2020 | Mac Rae Harbor, Harrison Township, MI
24 July 2020 | Cedar Point
23 July 2020 | Cedar Point, Ohio
22 July 2020 | Kelleys Island
21 July 2020 | Kelleys Island
20 July 2020 | Kelleys Island
19 July 2020 | Safe Harbor Jefferson Beach
14 July 2020 | SCBH

River Cruise with niece Julie

13 September 2020 | St Clair River
Doug Lauzon | Sunny and cool.
Today our niece Julie, children John, Danny, and Abbey joined us along with Julie’s boyfriend Jason, for a cruise on the St Clair River. We had a great time, enjoyed snacks and sub sandwiches on the upper bridge, and shared some family time together. Amazing to think that Julie was Cathy’s niece born shortly before we started dating when still living in Michigan before our move to Florida.

Dockside Birthday Party

12 September 2020 | St Clair Boat Harbor, South Wall
Doug Lauzon | Sunny and warm.
Today was our dockside neighbor, Heather, surprise birthday party. It was a gathering of the South Wall friends of our home port, a few of her friends, and mother. The BBQ done by her husband, Shane, was definitely outstanding, along with the pot luck sides and birthday cake.
We have really enjoyed another season with such a great group.

Road trip to Yates Cider Mill

11 September 2020 | Yates Cider Mill
Doug Lauzon | Sunny and cool.
With Fall around the corner, today was the perfect day for an inland road trip by car to the Yates Cider Mill. Nothing like a cool glass of fresh apple cider and a warm old fashioned donut. The mill opened in 1863 as a grist mill and in 1876 became an apple cider mill, producing cider pressed by water power from the Clinton River. The river flows from over twenty miles inland to its mouth at Anchor Bay, just off Lake St Clair. We visited the nearby Stony Creek Metro Park which was the location of Doug's five year high school reunion. Many memories of times we had with friends here in Michigan make our days here so special.

Trip to Lake St Clair

08 September 2020 | Safe Harbor Jefferson Beach Marina
Doug Lauzon | Cloudy, cool, windy, and choppy seas.
This was a trip moved up on our calendar a couple weeks for us to have our year end services on the engine and generator. With fall weather approaching, it wasn't a surprise to have the wind direction change as we entered the lake and become the unfavorable "Nor'easter".
As we entered the harbor the meaning of Safe Harbor became real.
The following morning our friends Janet & Carl picked us up for an early morning breakfast. It's always great to share time with those you grew up with.
After our service was completed, we took advantage of the low wind and seas to head back to our home port.

Last get-away for the season

29 August 2020 | Lexington State Harbor
Doug Lauzon | Cloudy, windy, and rough seas.
We departed our home port of SCBH today expecting a relatively easy return run to Lexington State Harbor. Well, as it turned out, the NOAA forecast was not one to be relied upon. We were expecting partly cloudy and 1'-2' seas, but the outcome was mostly cloudy, strong wind, and seas of 3'-4', with periodic 4'-6' rollers.
After a safe arrival, we joined our home port neighbors, Dennis and Susan, along with their friends, Paul and Kathy, for cocktails, followed by dinner in town.
The harbor was quite full with weekend boaters taking advantage of the few weeks of summer remaining. Music and laughter continued right up to the beginning of harbor quiet hours at 11pm.

Day 4–Farewell to Lexington

06 August 2020 | Lexington
Doug Lauzon | Sunny, clear skies, warm, and calm seas.
Today we departed Lexington, only after having breakfast at Wimpy's with the group, and the girls having a hair styling adventure with Cathy.
The weather was perfect...a great day for travel back to our home port.
Tomorrow and the rest of the week will be days to relax, enjoying the great summer warm days and cool nights, and take in a comedy show or concert on the boardwalk.
We are looking forward to getting in another short trip with friends before the season comes to a close. Our haul -out date is set for September 29....too close, too soon, to end.
Vessel Name: Second Knot
Vessel Make/Model: Mainship 34’ Trawler
Hailing Port: St. Clair, MI.
Crew: Doug & Cathy
About: Second Knot will be our boating season home on the water in the Great Lakes.
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