Second Knot

28 September 2021 | Sassy Marina, Algonac, Michigan
27 September 2021 | Anita’s Restaurant, Marine City
18 September 2021 | Middle Channel, back to home port
17 September 2021 | Mac Ray Harbor
16 September 2021 | Lake St Clair
29 August 2021 | Pine River, St Clair Boat Harbor
18 August 2021 | Petoskey, Harbor Springs, St Ignace
17 August 2021 | Traverse City and Charlevoix, Michigan
14 August 2021 | Pine River, St Clair
01 August 2021 | St Clair River
31 July 2021 | St Clair Boat Harbor, Pine River
30 July 2021 | Riverside Dr in St Clair
26 July 2021 | St Clair River
26 July 2021 | St Clair River
04 July 2021 | St Clair Boat Harbor
26 June 2021 | St Clair
11 June 2021 | St Clair River
05 May 2021 | St Clair Boat Harbor
04 May 2021 | Sassy Marina, Algonac, Michigan
29 September 2020 | Sassy Marina, Algonac, Michigan

Day 16, 8/13–Port Sanilac to Lexington

13 August 2019 | Lexington
Doug Lauzon | Sunny, breezy, with moderate seas
Today was the shortest travel day with 1 1/2 hours at the helm. We arrived before noon and to our surprise, neighbors from home port were checking in for a couple days stay. Joining Dennis and Susan for dinner was great, as was the Walleye fish.
Lexington is much like the other lakeside ports, but on a larger scale. Historical sites are still common here, like the Cadillac House Inn & Tavern. It was built in 1859 and now provides one of the premier restaurants and inn for lodging.
Tomorrow is going to be a beach day and a stroll around town. As the many t-shirts and apparel reads..."Unsalted, Great Lakes", "no sharks, no salt, no worries". The only worry is going to be if the water is still too cold to go in.
Vessel Name: Second Knot
Vessel Make/Model: Mainship 34’ Trawler
Hailing Port: St. Clair, MI.
Crew: Doug & Cathy
About: Second Knot will be our boating season home on the water in the Great Lakes.
Extra: We have completed the two seasons of 2019 and 2020 living aboard "Second Knot". Please scroll through our posts to share the days, trips, and memories that were created.
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