Second Knot

13 August 2022 | St Clair Boat Harbor
31 July 2022 | Pine River, inside the St Clair River
26 July 2022 | St Clair Boat Harbor
23 July 2022 | St Clair River
19 July 2022 | St Clair Boat Harbor
06 July 2022 | St Clair River to St Clair Boat Harbor
05 July 2022 | Safe Harbor Jefferson Beach
04 July 2022 | The Millikan Harbor, Detroit, MI
03 July 2022 | Cedar Point
02 July 2022 | Cedar Point Marina, Sandusky, OH
01 July 2022 | Mentor Yacht Club
30 June 2022 | Lake Erie
29 June 2022 | Welland Canal
28 June 2022 | Lake Ontario
16 May 2022 | Sassy Marina, Algonac, MI
28 September 2021 | Sassy Marina, Algonac, Michigan
27 September 2021 | Anita’s Restaurant, Marine City
18 September 2021 | Middle Channel, back to home port
17 September 2021 | Mac Ray Harbor
16 September 2021 | Lake St Clair

Skeeter Poker Run

13 August 2022 | St Clair Boat Harbor
Doug Lauzon | Sunny and warm
Today was a spectacle of the rich boy toys, about twenty of them coming in for lunch at Pepper Joe's across from our dock. They do an annual poker run from Lake St Clair up to our harbor, stop for lunch, and do their awards and prizes. These boats are all about speed, custom graphics, and burning a lot of fuel.

Race boat weekend

31 July 2022 | Pine River, inside the St Clair River
Doug Lauzon | Sunny and warm
Today was the St Clair Offshore Powerboat Race. After staging some sixty boats on their trailers along Riverside Drive from Thursday until race day, it was the day to show the crowds lining the boardwalk which team would take the checkered flags.
Prior to race day, the road was lined with food trucks, vendors, and various bands performing on the stage in front of the St Clair Square. There was probably over five hundred fans celebrating with drink in hand.
Race day was a perfect day with sunny skies, warm temps, light winds, and just enough chop on the river for ideal race conditions.

Renaming our boat complete

26 July 2022 | St Clair Boat Harbor
Doug Lauzon | Sunny and hot
Today our new boat to us, 2003 Carver 396 Aft Cabin, was renamed to the "Second Knot", "St Clair, Mi" as our prior boat. Since this was a Canadian purchase of returning American goods, the USCG documentation number was retained from its original purchase as a new vessel. This number has to be displayed on a placard in the engine room and permanently attached to the hull. Our boat is now officially recorded with its name and hailing port.

Jet skiing on the St Clair River

23 July 2022 | St Clair River
Doug Lauzon | Sunny and hot
Our harbor neighbors and good friends, Heather and Shane, invited us to join them for an afternoon ride on their jet skis. They took one of the jet skis and we rode the other. We headed north on the St Clair River following the Canadian shoreline and going between it and Stag Island which is on the Canadian side of the shipping channel. Once getting to the northern tip we turned to the south and began our run back. Seeing the bottom in over six foot of depth was amazing, but when feeling the cold and refreshing water we decided to stop for a jump in. According to Canadian law you cannot touch land without clearing Customs, so float with your feet off the bottom.

Boat getting detailed

19 July 2022 | St Clair Boat Harbor
Doug Lauzon | Sunny, warm, and breezy
Today Detroit Boat Care started our exterior boat detail, doing a three step compound, wax, and polish. To complete all the fiberglass from the deck up, they are figuring five days of work with a three man crew. After we haul out at the end of September the remaining areas from the deck down will finish the reconditioning along with a fresh coat of bottom paint.
Also during the heated winter storage, all the bridge and aft deck canvas will be redone. Once spring launch time arrives our boat will be standing tall with a total new look.

Day 9-Jefferson Beach to home port

06 July 2022 | St Clair River to St Clair Boat Harbor
Doug Lauzon | Mixed rain, cool, and wind, with blue sky
Not exactly the nicest day to end the last day of our trip. It started out raining with cool winds out of the north, but we finally departed in the early afternoon. After reaching the shipping channel the sky opened with blue above us.
The twenty mile run took us two hours dock to dock. Once having the boat secured at her home port dock, we joined Linda and Craig of "Sunshine State of Mind" for dinner and provision shopping. They are leaving us tomorrow for Lake Huron and Georgian Bay, spending the next two months exploring before reversing course and heading back south. That is our wish trip for next year.

A recap of our trip this 4th season:
•Two countries
•Three lakes, two being Great Lakes
•The Welland Canal
•Two rivers
•Eight days of travel
•Seven ports
•Three hundred fifty three nautical
miles traveled
•Thirty five engine hours
•Six hundred ten gallons of diesel fuel

One great trip, again.
A trip that seemed so long when planned, but went by so quickly.
Thank you to all that followed us on this voyage. The summer is not over, so please visit our site from time to time and see our other boating adventures.
Doug & Cathy
Vessel Name: Second Knot
Vessel Make/Model: Carver 396 Aft Cabin
Hailing Port: St. Clair, MI.
Crew: Doug & Cathy
About: Second Knot will be our boating season home on the water in the Great Lakes.
Extra: We have completed three seasons of living aboard "Second Knot" and now entering our fourth. Please scroll through our posts to share the days, trips, and memories that were created.