Second Knot

28 September 2021 | Sassy Marina, Algonac, Michigan
27 September 2021 | Anita’s Restaurant, Marine City
18 September 2021 | Middle Channel, back to home port
17 September 2021 | Mac Ray Harbor
16 September 2021 | Lake St Clair
29 August 2021 | Pine River, St Clair Boat Harbor
18 August 2021 | Petoskey, Harbor Springs, St Ignace
17 August 2021 | Traverse City and Charlevoix, Michigan
14 August 2021 | Pine River, St Clair
01 August 2021 | St Clair River
31 July 2021 | St Clair Boat Harbor, Pine River
30 July 2021 | Riverside Dr in St Clair
26 July 2021 | St Clair River
26 July 2021 | St Clair River
04 July 2021 | St Clair Boat Harbor
26 June 2021 | St Clair
11 June 2021 | St Clair River
05 May 2021 | St Clair Boat Harbor
04 May 2021 | Sassy Marina, Algonac, Michigan
29 September 2020 | Sassy Marina, Algonac, Michigan

Lunch with a childhood friend

15 September 2022 | Crews Inn, Harrison Township, Michigan
Doug Lauzon | Sunny and warm
Today we had lunch at Crews Inn on the Clinton River with Cathy's childhood friend Janet and her husband Carl. Cathy and Janet lived on Detroit's east side two houses apart from each other at grade school age until they both entered the medical field at St John Hospital on the same day in 1970. Since our time living in Florida they have both retired, but each season while living aboard our boat in Michigan we meet for lunch to visit and exchange life's events.
It is always rewarding to continue friendships that span a lifetime.

Peaks Island, Portland, Maine

10 September 2022 | Peaks Island
Doug Lauzon
The wedding venue was on Peaks Island which we traveled to by ferry from the mainland. When we arrived it was low tide and amazed us to see the results of a ten foot drop of water surrounding the shores. When that amount of water reseeds, the bottom reveals some awesome sites. The seaweed that grows and attaches to the once underwater formations falls limp against a landscape of exposed rock.

Portland, Maine lobster dinner

09 September 2022 | The Portland Lobster Company Restaurant
Doug Lauzon | Cool evening temps
Having traveled nearly eight hundred miles to arrive in Portland, Maine, it would not have been without a reward to enjoy a lobster dinner. As it is the "main" draw to this area, the amount of fresh lobsters needed to satisfy the appetites of all the local restaurants on a daily basis is unimaginable. It would truly be a mishap if there are bad fishing days with a low return of a catch.

Overhead view of the Welland Canal

08 September 2022 | Welland Canal
Doug Lauzon | Sunny and warm
While driving across Canada towards Niagara Falls in route to Portland, Maine for a family wedding, we crossed over a bridge on the Welland Canal. This really gives the size of a lock true perspective to the enormous structure that raises and lowers freighters up to eight hundred feet in length.

Last day of August at the Blue Water Bridge

31 August 2022 | St Clair River meeting Lake Huron
Doug Lauzon | Sunny and warm
Today is the last day of August and the season is winding down to the last month here for our boating season. We drove by car north of our home port to the Fort Gratiot Lighthouse Beach, just the other side of the Blue Water Bridge in Lake Huron. This is the connecting span between Port Huron, Michigan and Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. It is a double span bridge between the two countries. As it was when we traveled to Toronto for the new boat, you must still use the ArriveCan app to gain access into Canada. Needless to say, the US Border Patrol remains busy searching for and apprehending illegal persons crossing in both directions. They recently did an arrest with someone using a jet ski to transport a passenger across the St Clair River. You never know what you might come to witness while enjoying yourself on the water.

Skeeter Poker Run

13 August 2022 | St Clair Boat Harbor
Doug Lauzon | Sunny and warm
Today was a spectacle of the rich boy toys, about twenty of them coming in for lunch at Pepper Joe's across from our dock. They do an annual poker run from Lake St Clair up to our harbor, stop for lunch, and do their awards and prizes. These boats are all about speed, custom graphics, and burning a lot of fuel.
Vessel Name: Second Knot
Vessel Make/Model: Carver 396 Aft Cabin
Hailing Port: St. Clair, MI.
Crew: Doug & Cathy
About: Second Knot will be our boating season home on the water in the Great Lakes.
Extra: We have completed three seasons of living aboard "Second Knot" and now entering our fourth. Please scroll through our posts to share the days, trips, and memories that were created.