The Trip to Kauai!

Second Verse is in Oahu!

22 July 2010
Second Verse is now safely in Oahu berthed at the Waikiki Yacht Club. I tell you what, that channel sucked! We left at 0300 and made the channel by first light. At that point it was not too bad, but about 1300 the winds picked up and the sea state was yucky. From then on it was a bash all the way to the lee of the island. We cracked off a bit to help the motion, but there is just not much else one could do except to suck it up and go! Gary and I were in good spirits and made each other laugh the entire way (no sleep with the motion of the boat!). The funny thing is that we made better time than we expected and we got to the Honolulu too early, 0300. I did not want to entire the harbor at night, so we had to stand off for three hours. We almost ran into two boats about five miles off that we not on AIS and had no running lights! No shit! The only way I saw them was with radar and Gary and I kept saying, well shit, there is something there, we can't see it, but let' s turn away. Sure enough, at first light we saw them! Weird.

All is well now and we are berthed right next to these huge PacCup boats. Pegasus is next to me as well as a huge sled. My Cascade looks good!

Pakale and Harrier should be off last night or today. Warriors Wish is here with me and it looks like Blue Moon is sold.

Second Verse, sighing off.

Houston, the eagle has landed!

11 July 2010
Well my friends, Second Verse is here! I made the finish last night at 6:36pm. I have landed in paradise. Within five minutes of me crossing the line, I had a jug of Mai Tai in one hand, I was laid with flowers, and there was huge gathering on the beach! It makes it all worth it!

I first want to say thank you to my two wonderful children, Kelsey and Dylan, for all their love and support during the last two years to make this trip a reality. I could not have done this race without their blessing. It must be hard to let your dad sail across the Pacific alone, but they always gave me the extra push I needed. I love you both!

I want to thank my girlfriend Janine for all her love and support. Janine, thank you for everything.

I want to say thank you to MAC 24/7. You guys are great and I canĀ't wait to come down there with Second Verse! The party has just begun!

I want to thank Niki, Auguste, Sita, Judy, Michael, Shawn, Clarke, Bret, Allison, Brian, Lana, Terry, Christian, and everyone else who has given me love and encouragement for so long now.

The awards ceremony is tonight for the boats that came in yesterday. We will be presented with our belt buckle. I canĀ't tell you how long I have waited for get this buckle! The most expensive belt buckle in the world, but maybe the best one as well!

Second Verse, signing off from Hanalei Bay, Kauai!

Land Ho!!!

10 July 2010
I am 31 miles out and I see land!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vessel Name: Second Verse
Vessel Make/Model: Cascade 36
Hailing Port: Coyote Point, CA
Crew: AJ Goldman
About: Father of Kelsey and Dylan
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