The Trip to Kauai!

The beautiful spinnaker in action

26 June 2010
Skippers Log, 6/26/10 Second Verse

Wind, wind, glorious wind!!! Second Verse has found wind and we are moving again! The speedo is reading 6.5 steady with hints of 7.1. It is hard to describe the feeling of not being in wind for two days and finally finding wind; I guess you just have to go through it to know. It was a dead calm from 11:00pm last night so I lowered all sails and went to bed. At 0300 I felt the boat was not acting in its normal motion, there was a slapping on the hull. Slapping, I know what that is, those are tiny waves, thatĀ's wind! I have been hand steering from 0300 until now just because it has felt so good!

Next story from today. Well, of course when you finally get wind you want to put up as much canvas as possible. So I was flying the spinnaker (from the picture), then raised the main. All was going well until the wind increased to about 20 kts true. Had to get the spin down and it was crazy. Long story short, the spin was in the water and I was hand over hand bringing it back on board. Nothing ripped, so I consider myself lucky.

Last thought for now: it is so beautiful out here, I am finding myself crying over every happy memory I have with family and friends. I donĀ't know why thatĀ's going on.

Second Verse, signing off.
Vessel Name: Second Verse
Vessel Make/Model: Cascade 36
Hailing Port: Coyote Point, CA
Crew: AJ Goldman
About: Father of Kelsey and Dylan
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