The Trip to Kauai!

Skippers Log, 7/9/10

09 July 2010
Can you believe it, the penultimate day (two days to go!) and IĀ'm being hammered by high winds and big seas. The day started out with me tacking away from a squall for the first time. I usually just deal with it, but this one looked really bad. Even though I jibed, his little brother hit me with 30 knots of wind. IĀ'm glad I didnĀ't see the big brother! Now I have sustained winds over 20 (thatĀ's OK), but the seas are increasing with growlers (rolling white foamy water) off the top of the waves. I broached on a big swell (my boom hit the water), so I decided to change tactics and stop running DDW. I dropped the main entirely and now IĀ'm running with the jib about 150-160 degrees off the wind. The boat is much happier now, and so am I! It does mean my ETA into the finish has been pushed back, but that is little consequence if something breaks. As the motto of the race says, Ā"Sail fast, sail safe!Ā"

140 miles to go (yes, IĀ'm counting!).

Second Verse, signing off.
Vessel Name: Second Verse
Vessel Make/Model: Cascade 36
Hailing Port: Coyote Point, CA
Crew: AJ Goldman
About: Father of Kelsey and Dylan
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