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Port: Eagle Harbor, WA USA
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Mexico again

04 January 2001
Terry Bingham
Buenos dias familia y amigos - SECRET O' LIFE arrived Mazatlan Harbor 11 December after almost 12 days from San Diego. The trip covered a little less than 1000 miles and was, for the most, pretty quiet. This is good for the boat and equipment, but often times trying on one's patience. Hours of watching the knot-meter hover around 1 1/2 kts is rough duty. A good supply of books and proper provisioning certainly helps. The new refrigeration is working great, keeping the box at 35-38 degrees and allowing me to carry fresh cheese and meats along with the cervezas muy fria.

I've already encountered several old friends enroute and I'm sure will be seeing more of you through the winter. I plan to stay in Mazatlan for a week or two and then move down to the Puerto Vallarta area for New Years.

Early in January I'll be heading once again for Tenacatita and Barra de Navidad, with some loose plans to go as far as Zihuatanejo this year before returning to the La Paz area in early April. As always, if anyone is interested in a winter break on the CostaAlegre, you're always welcome to visit. SECRET O' LIFE is usually within a short taxi or bus ride from a major aeropuerto on the Mexican coast.

I want to wish you all a very Joyous Holiday Season and a prosperous New Year! As time permits, I'll update you on some details of the passage from San Diego to Mazatlan. Till later, fair winds on all - Terry.

PS - Now in Puerto Vallarta after having problems connecting to e-mail. Today is 4 Jan and it's still warm in Mexico. More later.
Vessel Make/Model: Union 36 Cutter
Hailing Port: Eagle Harbor, WA USA
Crew: Terry Bingham
About: Tammy Woodmansee spends as much time as she can on the boat, but returns to the states from time to time for work to pad the travel kitty. Terry single-hands when she's not aboard.
Extra: CURRENT LOCATION: January, 2007 - cruising the west coast of Costa Rica.
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Who: Terry Bingham
Port: Eagle Harbor, WA USA