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14 January 2019 | Sister's Creek- JAX
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Final Projects and Cumberland Island

14 January 2019 | Sister's Creek- JAX
Kathy, blustery and cool
Well, that “awhile longer” turned into a month, while we waited for a back-ordered windlass. Then Lewmar didn’t ship during the holidays, then they were closed for inventory… then we ordered a Muir windlass from Sailorman in Ft. Lauderdale and had it within 3 days. So 1 day after receiving it, Earl had it installed and running. So smooth!! (Earl and the windlass) It’s a beauty and for 2 Boat units it should be $$! While we waited on the windlass, we tackled a few other projects, painted the nonskid on the decks with gelcoat and a few smaller things. It looks soooo much better!! Of course, we also went to our moms for the holidays and a wonderful time with both families. It’s always a crazy, chaotic, fun, loving time with our big families.

So, we finally launched at high tide on January 12th and headed straight to Cumberland Island (a whopping 6 miles away) for some decompressing. And Cumberland did not disappoint. The next morning, we were treated to a rainbow after a small front went through. Then we heard and saw a pair of loons calling to each other. We always see them in Canada but this was a first in GA. I guess they’re wintering over here. Because of the shutdown, there was no one on the island- no ferry shuttling tourists. We did see a NPS boat at the dock each day, just checking on things. We had a beautiful sunny afternoon walking the trails and exploring the empty beach. Then happy hour on Seeker with the crew of Autumn Borne. A perfect day. Today we left a little after low tide and headed towards St. Augustine. Passed a bald eagle on the shore in the Amelia River and when we got to Sister’s Creek, there was only 1 boat on the free dock so we pulled in for the evening. It’s always full when we’ve passed before, so it was a treat to see it empty. The nice folks on an American Tug grabbed our lines and helped us dock. Once we got AB secured, we stood in the sun and swapped stories. A great start to the season! Tomorrow St. Augustine and then on to those 70+ temps in Vero!

Back to Seeker

10 December 2018 | St. Mary's GA
Back to Seeker
We left Cherokee on November 10th after seeing Kris Kristofferson in concert on the 9th. It was good to see an icon before it’s too late. Then on to Fayetteville for Mom’s 89th birthday. She is one amazing lady and it was good to celebrate with her and all the siblings. We knew we would be coming back for Thanksgiving, but we got down to Seeker to open her up and unload the car. Unfortunately, we were welcomed back to a mildewed boat, even after SunPac (mildewcide containing formaldehyde- Let the boat air out!) a dehumidifier, and Damp Rid- no contest for the wet hot GA Summer! So, a thorough wipe down with vinegar to start with and then on to the projects. The list is always extensive with the expected projects- wash and wax the hull, paint the bottom, clean and wash everything, re-install the bimini, sails, enclosure. Then there’s the not so expected- Earl just checked the mixing elbow in the engine and it needs replacing, so he’s crammed into the engine compartment grunting and twisting and turning… We missed Grant and Libby (Nightingale) and Bennie and Lisa (Rhiannon)- they launched before we got here, but got to spend a few days with Chris and Christine (sv Simpatico) before they launched. And we drove down to Green Cove Springs and had lunch with Pierre and Micheline (Troika) before they headed back to Quebec. Then Autumn Borne hauled out here to paint their bottom so we’ve had plenty of socializing! St. Mary’s is famous for their Thanksgiving celebration and we spent a couple of days visiting with cruisers before we headed to the moms for Thanksgiving. Now to wrap up some projects so we can get Seeker in the water where she belongs!

Not so fast! A masterful job (by ME) to refurbish the rusty anchor chain, lots of wire brushing, treat with a phosphoric acid called Ospho and then painting with a cold galvanizing paint by Rustoleum and our chain looks great. Unfortunately when we went to raise the chain into the anchor locker, the windlass spun fast then came to a grinding halt. Looks like the gears are shot, so once again E spent 2 days in a cramped space trying to get the old windlass out. Lots of grunting and advice from others it finally broke free. Several phone calls and emails to Lewmar, and we have a recommendation for a replacement. It won’t be available for a few days so it looks like we’ll be here for awhile longer… There might be one or two other projects (ya think??) we can work on if it warms up enough to get outside. We remind ourselves that it’s not snowing like at home so trying not to complain!

life in the ABACOS!

12 March 2018 | Man O War
Loving life in the Abacos! I finally have a wet, blustery day to catch up on paperwork and the blog. I used to do a much better job of writing at least monthly, now we’re just too busy with friends! We spent the mandatory month in Vero before we were able to rip the Velcro off. It’s one of our favorite spots to wait for a good weather window. This year, I got to meet another sailing knitter that I had only know through Ravelry. Tanya and Jay on Minx were also in Vero waiting for a crossing and helping out a fellow sailor that had a medical emergency. We finally left Vero on February 14, a Valentine’s Day present. The weather was looking good for a Friday crossing so we made our way up to Lake Worth. We left Lake Worth at 4:15 am (always a little disconcerting pulling the anchor and making our way out the inlet in the dark) and proceeded across the Gulf Stream towards Memory Rock with a flotilla of other sailors. It was nice crossing the open ocean in daylight for a change. We were on the beautiful blue Bahama Bank heading for Great Sale Cay-one of the few protected anchorages between Florida and Green Turtle Cay. We arrived at Great Sale about 7:45pm in the dark, after a very long day. It was truly a JillyQ crossing. We pulled off a ways but not up into the bight, dropped the anchor and slept like logs until 7am when we pulled the anchor and motorsailed down to Green Turtle Cay. Earl counted 15 other sails and our new AIS system was constantly beeping alarms about dangerous targets near by. We’re really liking the AIS as it gives you lots of info about the boats around you that are transmitting their information. We stopped and anchored at Manjack (Nunjack) Cay just a few miles from GTC since we have to wait till high tide to go into Black Sound. As promised, Donny had 2 mooring balls reserved for us and Autumn Borne. It was nice to be back in GTC with friends and we spent the next week catching up with folks that had arrived a few weeks earlier- Dalmation (Tom and MaryLou), Escape (Elizabeth and Shay), Five Flip Flops (Emma and David) Nightingale (Lib and Grant) along with the ton of other boats that had just arrived. Luckily, the custom agent came in on a Sunday so we were able to check in and raise our Bahamian flag to make us legal. We love GTC and visited all our favorite spots- Gillam Bay, Pineapples. Sundowners, Leeward Yacht Club and a new favorite- Chris’ Hydroponic Greens (beautiful fresh cut your own greens and lettuce) After a week at Donny’s, it looked like a good opportunity to cross through Whale Cay passage was coming up so we left Black Sound at high tide and meandered over to Manjack for a couple of days. We went thru the Whale right in front of a big storm that made me nervous but was no problem for Captain Earl. We had to wander around slowly until the tide was a bit higher and then got into Treasure Cay, just in time to welcome Jim and Beth to the Bahamas! They had a condo on Treasure for the next 5 days so we got to spend lots of time eating, drinking, sunning and playing with our NC buddies. Too much fun! The day that Jim and Beth left, Jana and Todd from arrived from Asheville. Another week of playing in Treasure with these two. We discovered the Blue Hole with them which turned out to be the highlight of the week, along with a romping sail, steaks on their grill and their claim to fame Treasure Cay Bocce Ball champions! This was the longest time we’ve ever spent in TC and it was a great place for friends to enjoy.

And that brings us up to date, here in the quiet and beautiful Man O War Cay. Bob and Connie (sv Meredith) were kind enough to reserve by paying up front 2 balls from Barry/Buddy. We’re right next to the William H Albury (Last wooden schooner built here at MOW) We saw David, the owner this summer at the Fiddler’s Convention in Galax, VA so we know we’ll spend the next month helping him some, playing music and walking the beaches of MOW. And of course, throwing in a boat project or two and lots more visiting with our friends here in the eastern Harbor!
Vessel Name: Seeker
Vessel Make/Model: O'Day 39
Hailing Port: Washington, NC/ Whittier, NC
Crew: Earl and Kathy
About: We live in the beautiful mountains of NC, but we're ready to seek adventure aboard our 1985 O'Day 39 SEEKER. RETIRED, 6 months on Seeker, 6 months on land.
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