D & D Nagle aboard MV DavidEllis

19 September 2017 | northbound Verney Passage, west side Gribbell Island
30 May 2017 | Photo is Meyers Chuck, north of Ketchikan AK
29 August 2016 | on-the-hard, Wrangell
19 November 2015 | almost there
16 November 2015
15 November 2015
11 November 2015 | Shearwater - Bella Bella, BC
10 November 2015 | photo is approaching Bottleneck Inlet
01 November 2015 | Wrangell, Alaska
17 September 2015 | Juneau to Petersburg
19 July 2015 | Wrangell > Petersburg > Tracy Arm > Juneau
28 June 2015 | Wrangell, AK (still on the hard)
03 March 2015 | Ketchikan
05 February 2015 | Wrangell, AK
13 August 2014 | photo is Redoubt Bay fish weir, south end Sitka Sound
13 August 2014 | Anders and daughter Ditte at Redoubt Bay
13 August 2014 | Lovely Ms D Checks State of Charge on New Batts
13 August 2014 | photo is DE and In Your Dreams, Goleta Cove, west coast Krusof Island

Armada Circumnavigates Krusof Island

13 August 2014 | photo is DE and In Your Dreams, Goleta Cove, west coast Krusof Island

Jake hung out with the armada a few more days and we did a circumnavigation of Krusof Island -- St Lazaria (south end), Goleta Cove (west side), Leo Anchorage (north end) and de Groff (southeast) and Jake departed out Peril Strait to continue his southbound passage. (You can follow In Your Dreams here on sailblogs.com).

We had a little excitement while in bumpy water off the west coast of Krusof -- smoke in the engine room! We quickly determined it was the alternator belt, so we limped into a sheltered area at low rpms, shut down the engine and drifted. While Shearwater and Honu hovered, a temporary fix required only removing the belt, paralleling the house and engine start batteries, starting up and getting back underway... piece of cake.

Somewhere in here we also had an issue with genset electrical power not making it to the AC electrical panel. A couple hours of calculatus-eliminatus with engineer-extraordinaire Wade and we narrowed it down to an engine room breaker (for which size I did not have a spare). Since that breaker was essentially redundant to the one on the AC panel, a little re-wiring and ta-dah! Back in business.

An interesting little encounter with Alaska Marine Highway, high-speed ferry Fairweather -- in my opinion, the coolest ride in SE Alaska -- while passing in Olga Channel north of Sitka. They called us on the VHF to ask about the boat and tell us DE is "a nice ride; and we see a lot of them". Cool!
Vessel Name: DavidEllis
Vessel Make/Model: Diesel Duck 462 (Seahorse Marine)
Hailing Port: Sebastopol, CA, USA
Crew: Mike (Dave) and Dorothy Nagle
Home for us is Sebastopol, CA, USA, where children, grandchildren and surviving parents still reside. We lived aboard in SE Asia, except for short visits home spring of 06 til fall 09, primarily in China, Macau, Hong Kong, Philippine Islands and Malaysia. [...]
while building, commishioning and shaking down, the boat was the 'ends'; now she's become the 'means' to explore new places, live there awhile, get to know folks before moving on. "David Ellis" is named after David J. Nagle & Ellis D. Peterson, Dave & Dorothy's dads. Both have passed, but [...]
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Who: Mike (Dave) and Dorothy Nagle
Port: Sebastopol, CA, USA