Serendipity II

13 January 2020 | Barra de Navidad
05 December 2019 | Puerto Vallarta
28 November 2019 | La Paz
23 November 2019 | La Paz, Mexico
03 November 2019 | San Diego
27 October 2019 | Newport Harbor
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Barra de Navidad

13 January 2020 | Barra de Navidad
Jonathan Mote
Rebecca, Pirate and I successfully made the 150nm sail from La Cruz down to Barra! We stopped at Yalapa, Chamela and Tenacatatit for overnight anchorages.

Before leaving La Cruz we enjoyed a some live music and a great snorkeling trip to the island Mariettas and the world famous Hidden Beach!

In Yalapa we hiked to the waterfalls and had lobster on the beach.

Chamela was a quick overnight anchorage. Tenacatita was awesome and we hope to go back up there!

Barra is great and we met up with our friends Paul and Gina who have been here for a month.

Check out the new photos in the Gallery!

Isla Isabella

05 December 2019 | Puerto Vallarta
Jonathan Mote
Captain Ivan and I successfully made the 2 1/2 day voyage from La Paz to Puerto Vallarta. It was an epic sailing trip with big wind and big waves. We stopped on Isla Isabella on the way for a morning hike before continuing on to PV. Serendipity II is safely docked in La Cruz and I flew back for holidays.

Check out gallery for new pictures.

Happy Thanksgiving from La Paz!

28 November 2019 | La Paz
Jonathan Mote
Check out the new phots from La Paz in the Gallery!

My friends, Paul and Gena invited me over to their boat to celebrate Thanksgiving dinner!

Tomorrow morning Captain Ivan and I plan on setting sail for the three-day passage to Puerto Vallarta. Weather permitting, we will stop at Isla Isabella for some bird watching!

2019 Baja Haha Update

23 November 2019 | La Paz, Mexico
Jonathan Mote

Todd and I completed the 2019 Baja HaHa and were awarded third place in our division!

Todd flew back to Indy from Cabo. I successfully moved the boat on down to LaPaz and am in the beautiful Costa Baja Resort for a few days.

Pictures are in the Gallery. Our current position is on the map. Wish you were here!

Arrrr, Captain Jonathan

Captain's Meeting and Event

03 November 2019 | San Diego
Jonathan Mote
Dave and I sailed down to San Diego yesterday. We even flew Big Red (spinnaker)! Rebecca drove everyone down here this morning and picked up Todd from the airport. We all had a great time at the HaHa Costume Event.

Todd and I are looking forward to the parade and starting gun Monday morning and sail down to Cabo!
Vessel Name: Serendipity II
Vessel Make/Model: 2016 Jeanneau 519
Hailing Port: Corona del Mar, CA
Crew: Jonathan, Rebecca and Pirate
About: Arrrr...
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La Cruz sail down 150 nm to Barra de Navidad.
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Created 13 January 2020
2 1/2 day voyage from La Paz to Puerto Vallarta including a stop at Isla Isabella
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Created 5 December 2019
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Created 28 November 2019
Captain Kirk and I made it safely 800nm to Cabo San Lucas!
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Created 23 November 2019
Captain Dave, Pirate and I sailed down to San Diego for the start of the 2019 Baja HaHa Rally to Cabo San Lucas. Rebecca and Jean met us there for the start!
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Created 27 October 2019
We made it back safely! We spent the last week exploring the jungle.
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Created 27 January 2016
We made it! We are excited to welcome Heather, Phillip, Madison, Nicole and Jake to our little paradise!
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The Galapagos of Mexico! Home of the blue-footed booby and the frigate. A pre-historic volcano erupted to crest this mysterious island 18 miles off the coast if Mexico.
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Created 22 December 2015
We crossed the 200 mile Sea of Cortez to mainland Mexico! It was a stormy 2-day crossing but we made it.
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Our travels through the Sea of Cortez in Mexico.
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Created 26 November 2015
Rally from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas - 850 nautical miles.
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Created 8 November 2015
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Created 10 November 2013