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07 July 2013 | Ashland OR
06 July 2013 | Medford, OR
05 July 2013 | Rogue River, Oregon
01 July 2013 | California
29 June 2013 | Redwood City, CA
20 June 2013 | California
22 April 2013 | Green Cove Springs, Florida
10 April 2013 | Fernandina
06 April 2013 | Nassau Harbor, Bahamas
26 March 2013 | Big Major
26 March 2013 | Big Major, Bahamas
25 March 2013 | Rocky Dundas
24 March 2013 | O'Brien's Cay, Bahamas
23 March 2013 | Exuma Sound
22 March 2013 | Exuma Sound

Slow Day

16 March 2013 | Thompson Bay, Long Island
Well, the many varieties of medicinal bush tea I tried yesterday have certainly cured whatever ailed me and a lot more besides! I begged out on the morning walk and puttered around, alternating lying down with trying to finally finish the gerry jug set up on the starboard lines. Drilled the holes in the “plasteak” board with our trusty cordless drill. Hmmm. The attachments.. Thought about trying to make it look really professional with nylon sail webbing and buckles, and finally decided, you know, I need the sail webbing for new sail ties, and a bowline with a triple half hitch horizontal and vertical will work just fine. A bit clutzy looking but simple and effective. All done now, unless my architect husband feels it needs aesthetic renovation.

Dinghied into the settlement at Salt Pond to fill up diesel and water jugs. Water here is relatively inexpensive- 30 cents a gallon for reverse osmosis water. We were surprised to see that we had used nearly 75% of our full 100 gallon tank in the last 10 days, so Lee made a second run, as we can only carry 28 gallons of water in our gerry cans.

We were hoping to make the big junkanoo party at Island Breeze tonight, but I just am not quite up for dancing the night away. Plus, there is that early am departure for the Hog Cay/Callabash area on the northern part of the island, and then next day pushing east to Conception Island. We will travel with new friends Dave and Allison, which will be great fun.

After that, we will push on to Cat Island, then back to Exuma Land and Sea Park to catch the places we missed in our rush down, and then begin the push north to Eleuthera and Florida. We hadn’t intended to return to the states so soon but my mom has decided to move to an apartment in a retirement community in 6-8 weeks and Lee and I will fly out to California and help her with that. So we hope to make it to Green Cove Springs by May, where we will be able to either moor or haul the boat for a couple months. In the meantime, hoping for sunny skies and favorable winds to enjoy every second of these last few weeks.

Vessel Name: Serendipity
Vessel Make/Model: Bristol 38.8
Hailing Port: Tiverton, RI
Crew: Lynn Zemlin, Lee Trimble & Boat Dog Maggie
About: Finally arrived in the Bahamas - Destination 1 achieved.
Extra: OH NO! Is it REALLY time to leave already?
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Who: Lynn Zemlin, Lee Trimble & Boat Dog Maggie
Port: Tiverton, RI