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02 May 2013 | North Wales
26 April 2013 | Messolonghi
25 April 2013 | Messolonghi
22 April 2013 | Senigallia
22 April 2013 | Senigallia
20 April 2013 | Arenzano
19 April 2013 | Cadaqués
19 April 2013 | Cadaqués
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18 April 2013 | Cadaqués
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19 March 2013 | Jávea


05 May 2012 | Messolonghi

It was a longer sail than we’ve done for a while from Kastos to Messolongi. The weather didn’t look promising when we set out but improved as the day wore on, the wind strengthening but still not very helpful. By the time we entered the basin at Messolonghi and dropped the anchor the sun was shining but the wind was whistling through the rigging and we ducked behind the spray hood.

First impressions were not that favourable, to be honest. We had taken a turn around the quay before anchoring but hadn’t found anywhere suitable. It all seemed a long way from the actual town, too. However, we were both shattered so an early night after a meal on board seemed like a good idea. The wind dropped overnight and, as we ate breakfast in the cockpit, we watched the birds diving into the glassy water and the head of a turtle pop up now and then. The area looked a lot more favourable.

When the nearby marina office opened at nine we chose to head into a berth. This is where we are considering over-wintering come the end of season so it seemed like a good idea to spend some time here. Now with new shower and toilet blocks and a bar/cafeteria it certainly seems like a possibility. We recognised a couple of boats including Curly Sue and Sea Dragon but no sign of their crew.

After all the usual paperwork was sorted and sufficient euros handed over (extra for water and electricity, 50 cents for a shower) it was time to see what the town had to offer. Again we were pleasantly surprised. Although it’s quite a long, dusty walk in the heat of the day, especially if loaded up with shopping, part of the centre of this small town is pedestrianised and the rather chic coffee bars spill outside. On a Saturday morning these were filled with locals rather than tourists and seem to be a meeting place. Naturally we joined them (the only ones in shorts and t-shirts) and pounced on the little doughnuts, sprinkled with icing sugar and filled with chocolate sauce, which came with our drinks. The Greeks didn’t seem to bother with them at all – I wish I’d had the courage to take ask if I could take theirs as well – Yum!
Vessel Name: Seren Mor
Vessel Make/Model: Bavaria
Hailing Port: Plymouth
Crew: Cathy and Neil Lamputt
Extra: In the Med after taking the very slow route.
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Seren Mor

Who: Cathy and Neil Lamputt
Port: Plymouth