Cruising on Seren Mor

02 May 2013 | North Wales
26 April 2013 | Messolonghi
25 April 2013 | Messolonghi
22 April 2013 | Senigallia
22 April 2013 | Senigallia
20 April 2013 | Arenzano
19 April 2013 | Cadaqués
19 April 2013 | Cadaqués
18 April 2013 | Cadaqués
18 April 2013 | Cadaqués
16 April 2013 | Jávea
08 April 2013 | Jávea
06 April 2013 | Jávea
30 March 2013 | Jávea
30 March 2013 | Jávea
28 March 2013 | Jávea
23 March 2013 | Jávea
20 March 2013 | Jávea
19 March 2013 | Jávea
19 March 2013 | Jávea

Journey to Katakolon

09 May 2012 | Katakolon

We got out of Killini about 8am. The wind out at sea had been about a force 5 during the night but hadn’t really touched us in the harbour. However, it wasn’t the glassy water I like to see before leaving port. In fact, once outside, the swell from the last night’s wind soon became uncomfortable. The wake from both the Kefalonia and the Zakinthos ferries was no worse.

I kept telling myself that this sea was nothing compared to the big Atlantic rollers we’d sailed in a couple of years ago. Yes, they were definitely much worse. But then I started yawning, felt uncomfortably hot and then that unsettled feeling in the gut that isn’t quite what you’d call nausea. The threat of seeing my breakfast again had me heading into the cabin. Forget about watching the horizon. The only real solution for me is to lie down, eyes closed and be grateful that Neil was totally unaffected. I heard him moving about and playing with the sails so knew he was happy enough.

An hour or so later the swell had almost completely disappeared. I was back in the cockpit doing my bit (tidying the ropes, mostly) as the sails went in, out, in, out.....

Entering Katakolon we were faced with the immediately recognisable sister ship to the Costa Concordia berthed near the entrance and the fact that the harbour looked nothing like the diagram in the pilot guide. Come on Imray – isn’t it about time you pulled Rod out of the Caribbean and back in Greece?
Vessel Name: Seren Mor
Vessel Make/Model: Bavaria
Hailing Port: Plymouth
Crew: Cathy and Neil Lamputt
Extra: In the Med after taking the very slow route.
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Seren Mor

Who: Cathy and Neil Lamputt
Port: Plymouth