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This is the Cruise Journal of the M/V Shangri-La crewed by Cap'n Kenny and Nancy Sallee of Oconto, WI.

22 November 2012
28 July 2012 | Oak Orchard, WI
28 July 2012 | Pensaukee, WI
15 July 2012 | Oconto, WI
25 June 2012 | Oconto, WI
23 June 2012 | WavePoint Marina, Little Sturgeon, WI
09 June 2012 | Oconto, WI
28 August 2011 | Oconto, Wisconsin
22 August 2011 | Oconto, Wisconsin
20 August 2011 | Oconto, Wisconsin
28 July 2011 | Little Sturgeon Bay, WI
19 July 2011 | Bay of Green Bay, Wisconsin
16 July 2011 | Oconto Yacht Club, Oconto, WI
15 August 2010 | Oconto Yacht Club, Oconto, WI
14 August 2010 | Menominee, MI
13 August 2010 | Menominee, MI
05 July 2010 | The Bay of Green Bay
04 July 2010 | The Bay of Green Bay
03 July 2010 | The Bay of Green Bay
02 July 2010 | The Bay of Green Bay

Horseshoe Island Cruise Day 3

02 July 2010 | The Bay of Green Bay
Cap'n Kenny
Barb woke up early this morning saying she couldn't sleep anymore. I got up with here. It was 05:00 hours but light outside. The winds were picking up out of the south and a little chilly. I turned on the marine VHF radio and listened to the NOAA radio weather broadcast. It was giving hazardous boating conditions starting later today. After Karla got up this morning, we talked about what we're going to do. The decision was to stay and ride it out. The little bay that we're in is fairly well protected from any big waves.

Breakfast plans this morning was to cook pancakes and sausage links on Karla's camp stove placed on a picnic just off the boat. But the winds to too strong and we thought it would blow out the fire on the stove. So I put a couple of our canvas panels back up and we cooked again on the aft deck table.

As the morning got later, the winds got stronger and the waves got bigger. The way our boat was sitting with the aft end facing the waves, the waves started splashing up over the swim platform. So Karla, Barb and I, using just the ropes, got the boat turned around and tied back up to the wall so the bow would be facing the incoming waves. Not long after that, The boat that had to turn back on day 1 called on the cell phone letting us know that he was just around the bend coming in. To make room for him on the wall, Karla, Barb and I pulled our boat forward as far as we could go and Karla's boat closer to the shore line and then pulled his boat between us. Later, a 4th club member called letting us know that he would be in later in the day.

The skipper of the boat that came in earlier brought a new propane grill along with him so we all had good grilled food. As for my little electric grill, I think we'll trade it in for one of those George Foreman grills.

As we sit down to eat, the 4th skipper called us on the radio. He was about 5 miles out. When he came in, since there was no more room along the wall, we rafted him off of our boat.

Vessel Name: Shangri-La
Vessel Make/Model: The Shangri-La is a 35' steel hulled 1960 Chris-Craft Roamer Express Cruiser Deluxe 6S. Hull # ROX35-418
Hailing Port: Oconto, WI
Crew: Master - Kenny D. Sallee, First Mate - Nancy L. Sallee
About: Captain Kenny Sallee is licensed by the United States Coast Guard as a Master of Steam or Motor Vessels for the Great Lakes and Inland Waters with a Master Commercial Assistance Towing Endorsement. Coast Guard License # 000206821.
Extra: The Shangri-La is a USCG documented vessel with a Coastwise Unrestricted Trade Endorsement in service as a Passenger Vessel (6 or fewer).
Home Page: http://www.owfish.com
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