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This is the Cruise Journal of the M/V Shangri-La crewed by Cap'n Kenny and Nancy Sallee of Oconto, WI.

22 November 2012
28 July 2012 | Oak Orchard, WI
28 July 2012 | Pensaukee, WI
15 July 2012 | Oconto, WI
25 June 2012 | Oconto, WI
23 June 2012 | WavePoint Marina, Little Sturgeon, WI
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Horseshoe Island Cruise Day 4

03 July 2010 | The Bay of Green Bay
Cap'n Kenny
The winds shifted and grew stronger last night. With the other boat rafted off of ours acting like a sail, the wind and waves rocked us all night. There were several times last night when I got up to check the ropes. One of the ropes was rubbing on a rope guide so bad that it sent a loud vibration noise all through the boat that kept Barb and I awake for awhile. To fix that, I placed a rag between the rope and where it was rubbing. That took care of that noise and we were able to get back to sleep.

Today's forecast was Sunny and breezy. Highs around 74 at the Lakeshore to 80 to 84 inland. South wind 10 to 15 mph increasing to 15 to 25 mph in the afternoon. The marine forecast for the area was south wind 10 to 20 kts. Waves 1 to 3 ft building to 2 to 4 ft in the afternoon.

Barb is starting to get over her crave for TV and Internet computer games and found working on a Swedish weave project relaxing. We both felt like we needed a long hot shower. For me, that came in the form of diving into the 67 degree water with a bar of soap. Barb talked Karla into letting her take a short shower on her boat. We both have been getting too much sun out here. And the flys and been bad the last couple of days. The bad thing about these flys are they have big teeth and like blood.

A beautiful Roamer Offshore, the Shamrock from Elgin, IL, came in and anchored in our little bay. I've only seen pictures of these rare boats.*

A friend of Karla's made it up today but then she couldn't find her across at the state park. There were well over a thousand people on the beach and she lost cell phone signal. After a couple of hours the finely were able to hook up.

* UPDATE: I received an email from Russell Buckardt on Jun 25, 2012 that the Shamrock is a 1963 Roamer Offshore owned by the McDonough family and is berth at Fish Creek, WI during the summer months and stored in Sturgeon Bay, WI during the winter.

Vessel Name: Shangri-La
Vessel Make/Model: The Shangri-La is a 35' steel hulled 1960 Chris-Craft Roamer Express Cruiser Deluxe 6S. Hull # ROX35-418
Hailing Port: Oconto, WI
Crew: Master - Kenny D. Sallee, First Mate - Nancy L. Sallee
About: Captain Kenny Sallee is licensed by the United States Coast Guard as a Master of Steam or Motor Vessels for the Great Lakes and Inland Waters with a Master Commercial Assistance Towing Endorsement. Coast Guard License # 000206821.
Extra: The Shangri-La is a USCG documented vessel with a Coastwise Unrestricted Trade Endorsement in service as a Passenger Vessel (6 or fewer).
Home Page: http://www.owfish.com
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