The Voyage of Sharpies Dream

05 March 2012 | Treasure Cay
10 February 2012
17 January 2012 | Abacos Bahamas
27 February 2011
02 February 2011
02 February 2011
02 February 2011 | Hopetown (Elbow Cay)
11 January 2011 | Great Sale Cay (still)
11 January 2011 | Bahama Banks
11 January 2011 | Bahamas
11 January 2011 | Hobe Sound
11 January 2011 | Indiantown
08 December 2010 | Indian Town, Florida
11 April 2010 | Tarpon Springs
02 December 2009 | Carabelle
01 December 2009 | Joe's Bayou
01 December 2009 | Big Lagoon,

Lake Worth to Bahamas

11 January 2011 | Bahamas
Off we go onto the Horizon, with a cruise ship coming up fast in the dark.freighter is heading south, both lit up like Christmas trees. As daylight approaches we find ourselves nearing the Gulfstream, an Indigo river.
We decide that though the thought of fishing sounds good, paying attention to the fast moving current is a better idea. Maybe on the way back. In the afternoon, the wind backs from the east to the southwest to the west all in a matter of a few hours. The swell which was still from the north is following two directions to the East and North. The winds picked up, 15 to 20 knots we are still motorsailing as we approach the banks and I am made aware by Micheal the tide will be coming off the banks. Throw in a wind and anot to gradual slope onto the bank and you have the makings of a roller coaster ride. All in all a great trip completed in 11 hrs........
Vessel Name: Sharpie's Dream