The Voyage of Sharpies Dream

05 March 2012 | Treasure Cay
10 February 2012
17 January 2012 | Abacos Bahamas
27 February 2011
02 February 2011
02 February 2011
02 February 2011 | Hopetown (Elbow Cay)
11 January 2011 | Great Sale Cay (still)
11 January 2011 | Bahama Banks
11 January 2011 | Bahamas
11 January 2011 | Hobe Sound
11 January 2011 | Indiantown
08 December 2010 | Indian Town, Florida
11 April 2010 | Tarpon Springs
02 December 2009 | Carabelle
01 December 2009 | Joe's Bayou
01 December 2009 | Big Lagoon,

Snake Cay to Marsh Harbour

02 February 2011
We motor sailed for about an hour to recharge the batteries, by the time we arrived at boat harbour the sun was high and hot with a cool breeze out of the NW, enough to give us 3 knots (comfortable and slow). In my wisdom or not, I decided to wash a lure ( a salmon lure that has caught but one other fish) .I let out approx. 150 feet of 30 lb test and just left the lure trailing near the surface , still doing less than three knots. If nothing else we would be able to determine the life expectancy of a lure in salt water (disintegration) Sitting comfortably at the wheel ,Dianne advised very quietly, you have a fish on Pat. All hell broke loose. Started reeling, what a fight, but as the fish is getting closer, what is it, how big is it (as I looked at the Pickeral net). Dianne made it clear, not the cockpit. We got it to surface , put it in the dinghy, blood all over, got some ice and put both the fish and the ice in the dinghy and here is the picture of the first fish we caught in the Bahamas..........
Vessel Name: Sharpie's Dream