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Panama Canal

21 June 2011
Pouring rain mostly
Transiting the canal was unbelievably awesome. The first day was rain soaked, and I do mean rain soaked. On the way to the first set of locks, the rain was so heavy we could not see. We were early, or should I say the ship we were scheduled to transit with was late due to visibility problems and so the adviser had me attempt to dock to the ferry dock and as soon as we touched, the ferry that never runs, came charging in and we had to make a hasty exit and almost crashed the boat into the other end of the dock. The end result was a chip out of the rubrain and some choice words for the adviser from me. He complimented me on my ability to handle my boat in extreme weather and adverse conditions and for not getting us run over by the ferry. I bit my tongue, HARD.
We rafted up with two other boats and headed into the first set of locks, both which took us up. The rain subsided just enough for us to be able to see what was happening. Once through we motored to the mooring balls and rafted for the night and got some much needed sleep.
The next day we were rewarded with a new adviser and as we motored across the lake on a 5t hour journey towards the Pacific, the new adviser told me that the person who was with us the day before was consistently causing damage to peoples boats with his advice. He said we were very lucky that I was able to avoid the incoming ferry and got off lucky with so little damage.
Once we reached the locks on the Pacific side, we rafted with another boat and the sun was shining. The other boat had friends watching on live camera and their adviser called the tower to have them lock on out boats. The brother of one of the other crew received a phone call while we were going down in the lock and they could see us live. They caught the images on tape and promised to send me them. I will post them when I receive them.
Once through the down locks, our new adviser welcomed us to the Pacific and disembarked with a smile and hand shake.
We all had a great time and once we dropped off the lines and tires, headed for Panama City anchorage where we located some friends we made on the Caribbean side.
In spite of everything, the trip was great and well worth it.
Vessel Name: Shibumi
Vessel Make/Model: Columbia 36
Hailing Port: Comox, BC, Canada
Crew: Rob McCallum, & my dog Abbi
Captain Rob...Didn't plan it but recently found myself single handling with my faithful companion Abbi. I don't really care if I am on a long offshore voyage or just harbor hopping, as long as I am sailing. I live aboard and just plain love the life style. Abbi... [...]
Extra: Shibumi is a Japanese word, roughly translated means simple, unobtrusive beauty.
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Shibumi's Crew

Who: Rob McCallum, & my dog Abbi
Port: Comox, BC, Canada
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