S/V Si Bon

Who: Steve Cook
Port: San Diego, California
21 May 2013 | San Diego
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New Yawk City (day 3)

15 August 2011 | Da city
We got up early and headed to a small New Yawk cafe we had seen earlier, day had breakfast sandwiches for $3.49...which is a steal in da city. We grabbed a couple ah da sandwiches, chugged down some cawfee and headed to da subway. We shoved our way trew the crowd and hopped on the subway to Lower Manhattan to see the 9/11 site and da financial district.

As we excited the subway station our moods quickly turned somber. Sharon and I both joke around a lot, but as we walked towards Ground Zero we both became very quite. Walking down the same narrow streets that the survivors were seen fleeing the carnage, with the huge clouds of smoke chasing them, was a very sobering moment. The actual site of the World Trade Center is now a beehive of activity, there are several large skyscrapers under construction and other than the obvious hole in the skyline you can't really see much. There is a remembrance wall set up where we spent a few moments in prayer (pic).

We decided dat since we were both in a down mood already, we might as well head over to Wall Street and da New Yawk Stock Exchange...another depressing place lately....not much to see there either. Since we were both sick of wawkin we sat down for a nice lunch over looking da East River and relaxed a little.
At some point we both agreed that we had seen enough of da city for one trip. There was a three-toidy train back to cousin Lara's house and if we hurried....really hurried... we might be able to make it. So off we went, shoving our way trew the *#^*#@ crowds onto the *#$@&% subway, trew Grand Central Station, back to da hotel to get our bags, back down east 42nd Street to Grand Central and on to da three-toidy train....all da way bumpin peoples and given da red light runnin cabbies da one finger New Yawk salute.
Thank God we are now back in Brattleboro, VT, where we will spend the next week relaxing and trying to get rid of our New Yawk accents....and attitudes.
Vessel Name: Si Bon
Vessel Make/Model: Beneteau 411
Hailing Port: San Diego, California
Crew: Steve Cook
This is the plan.....In late 2009 after going on a wonderful charter to Turkey and Greece and seeing and living the cruiser lifestyle I decided to move into the next phase of my life. [...]
Extra: I am currently in Banderas Bay (Puerto Vallarta area), where I will be spending the 2012 hurricane season at the beautiful Paradise Village Marina.
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Who: Steve Cook
Port: San Diego, California