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22 June 2015
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22 June 2015
Got back to Northwest Creek Marina around 1230 today. Quickly unloaded the boat (it is hot here!) and enjoying the house AC.
All in all, a really great trip, in spite of the heat and frequent thunderstorms in the past week or so. Glad to be home!

Lower Broad Cr

21 June 2015
We had planned on staying at Campbell Creek for a second night but around noon, the admiral got impatient and we figured we would venture out and see how bad the winds and waves really were. We had a nice motor-sail across the Bay River and around Maw Point. Then we started to take the wind and waves right on the bow, so that slowed us down a bit. We figured at that rate, we would not get home until close to 9PM, so we opted to spend the night anchored in Lower Broad Creek.

Campbell Cr

20 June 2015
We anchored with a dolphin welcoming party just about 10 minutes before a severe thunderstorm hit. We were lucky in that we had been watching the storm and associated lightning for about the previous hour. We are not afraid of too many things on the water, but lightning is DEFINITELY one that we do fear. At 5 or 6 knots, you don't stand a chance of outrunning a storm.

Tuckaho Pt

19 June 2015
Enjoyable motor-sail down the Pasquotank River from Elizabeth City and then an enjoyable sail across the Albermarle Sound (which can often be rough) in very doable 1-2' seas.

Elizabeth City

18 June 2015
We've been to EC before, but this was the first time that we stayed at the Jennette Brothers bulkhead. They are a commercial food distributor located just north of the bascule bridge with about 120' of bulkhead that they make available to transients. All they ask is that you patronize one of the local restaurants (preferable one that they supply). We needed little coaxing, so dinner was out at Cypress Creek Grill with the Altermans and Jacksons. We had out own private room (the Board Room). Perhaps too obvious that we were boaters in need of good showers? Anyway, the food and service were excellent. Afterwards, Elaine and Karl walked over to the nearest Dairy Queen for ice creams.

Dismal Swamp

17 June 2015
We are doing the Ditch! Wanted a little variety in the trip, so we are taking the Dismal Swamp route back into NC, rather than the Virginia Cut. Staying at the Visitors Center, where the ladies are very welcoming with ice, water, Wi-Fi, and all the info on NC you can handle. We made the trip to here with the Jacksons and we are waiting for Late Arrival to get here shortly (they were coming from Hampton as opposed to Portsmouth. Passage through the swamp s ok.. Touched debris on the bottom in a few spots, had to dodge floating logs in other places. Lots of biting flies. Trees seem to have gotten overgrown with vines (kudzo?) since lasttime, so views are not as picturesque.
Vessel Name: Silver Lining
Vessel Make/Model: Catalina 320
Hailing Port: New Bern, NC
Crew: Karl & Elaine
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