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09 December 2013
02 December 2013
17 May 2013 | La Paz
13 May 2013 | Mazatlan
10 December 2012
03 December 2012
03 December 2012 | twenty miles from Loreto
03 December 2012 | Santa Rosalia to Santo Domingo
13 November 2012 | Puerto Escondido
13 November 2012 | Santa Rosalia
01 May 2012 | Mazatlan, Mx
29 April 2012
07 April 2012 | Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos
11 March 2012

Heading South 10-18-12

03 December 2012 | Santa Rosalia to Santo Domingo
Connie, sunny, warm and calm
We left Santa Rosalia the morning after Hurricane Paul went by. It was a calm, windless morning (I guess Paul took all the wind with him) and the seas were flat. We had to motor all day because the wind never came up. We had to dodge a lot of debris in the water from Paul. There were logs, palm trees, sticks, shrubs, and big clumps of brush. The birds enjoyed all the floating debris because it gave them a place to land and rest. However we didn’t enjoy it when we ran over some and it hit the prop with a loud THUMP. Ed checked the engine and everything seemed to be fine so we continued on, but we could feel a vibration and the engine was running hotter than usual. So we reduced our speed and the engine didn’t overheat. When we got to the anchorage (Santo Domingo) we grabbed our masks and snorkels and jumped in the water to check out the prop. There was a HUGE clump of grass and brush (it looked like hay) stuck on the shaft and prop. No wonder the engine was running hot; the prop had to spin all that brush round and round! After we cleaned off the shaft and prop, we stayed in the water and enjoyed swimming in the 85 degree water. The afternoon was hot, the anchorage was calm, the water was refreshing and it felt great to be back on the water again. The sailboat in the picture is a replica of the lifeboat that Shackleton used to sail hundred's of miles to find help for his marooned ship on Antarctica. There's an adventure tour group (for leadership training) that takes people sailing along Baja in these boats for 1-2 weeks at a time and they stop each night to camp on the beach. There's a group of 4 of them that came sailing/rowing into Santo Domingo. When there's no wind, they can be rowed, as you can see in the picture.
Vessel Name: Sirena
Vessel Make/Model: Cardinal 46
Hailing Port: Newport Beach, CA
Crew: Ed and Connie Quesada
About: Ed and Connie have been sailing together for over 44 years and have sailed on Sirena for over 22 years. Sirena has been to Mexico many times before. We plan an extended vacation to Mexico for four or more months. Stay tune as we take our time through the warm weather down south.
Extra: Slow cruising through Mexican waters
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Who: Ed and Connie Quesada
Port: Newport Beach, CA