Sirocco Sails to Mexico

S/V Sirocco

Who: Lee Pryor and Cathy Sweet,
Port: Oceanside, CA
21 June 2011 | San Diego
20 June 2011 | 145 Miles from San Diego
16 June 2011 | 275 Miles from San Diego
14 June 2011 | 70 Miles South of Turtle Bay
12 June 2011 | Halfway to Bahia Santa Maria
10 June 2011 | San Jose Del Cabo
08 June 2011 | Between La Paz and San Jose Del Cabo
01 June 2011 | La Paz
28 May 2011 | La Paz
25 May 2011 | En route to La Paz
24 May 2011 | Ensenada Grande, Isla Partida
24 May 2011 | Isolotes
24 May 2011 | Nopolo
22 May 2011 | Ballena
22 May 2011 | Timbabiche
22 May 2011 | Agua Verde
14 May 2011 | Honeymoon Cove
14 May 2011
14 May 2011

Swimming with the Seals

24 May 2011 | Isolotes
When we woke up on Monday morning there was a pretty strong southwest wind so we decided to head to San Evaristo and its southern lobe. There aren't too many anchorages in the Sea that provide southern protection. It turned out to be a wise choice; one of our friends anchored in the northern lobe of the bay and had a rolly night.

Tuesday morning the wind was still blowing from the south (of course, because that's the direction we wanted to go!) so we went to the northern end of Isla San Francisco. After several hours the wind died down and we went around to the western anchorage and met up with friends on Ponderosa, Wind Rose and Kailani.

Bob wanted to swim with the seals so on Wednesday morning we headed over to Isolotes which is a rock north of the island of Espirtu Santos. I had an earache so I didn't go in. When Bob immediately returned to the boat after he dove in to get his wetsuit, I knew I had made the right decision. If Bob needs a wetsuit, the water is cold! We were fortunate there was no wind so we could set the anchor and watch all the sea life. Typically boats just need to cruise around slowly and cannot anchor. The seals came over to Bob and let him touch them and swim with them.
Vessel Name: Sirocco
Vessel Make/Model: J Boats J/130
Hailing Port: Oceanside, CA
Crew: Lee Pryor and Cathy Sweet,
Lee and Cathy own Sirocco, a 1994 J/130 they purchased over three years ago and had shipped across the country from Rockport, Maine to Oceanside, California. Lee and Cathy have primarily raced Sirocco but decided to slow down and take some time cruising. [...]
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S/V Sirocco

Who: Lee Pryor and Cathy Sweet,
Port: Oceanside, CA