Sirocco Sails to Mexico

S/V Sirocco

Who: Lee Pryor and Cathy Sweet,
Port: Oceanside, CA
21 June 2011 | San Diego
20 June 2011 | 145 Miles from San Diego
16 June 2011 | 275 Miles from San Diego
14 June 2011 | 70 Miles South of Turtle Bay
12 June 2011 | Halfway to Bahia Santa Maria
10 June 2011 | San Jose Del Cabo
08 June 2011 | Between La Paz and San Jose Del Cabo
01 June 2011 | La Paz
28 May 2011 | La Paz
25 May 2011 | En route to La Paz
24 May 2011 | Ensenada Grande, Isla Partida
24 May 2011 | Isolotes
24 May 2011 | Nopolo
22 May 2011 | Ballena
22 May 2011 | Timbabiche
22 May 2011 | Agua Verde
14 May 2011 | Honeymoon Cove
14 May 2011
14 May 2011

Diesel Master Mechanics

01 June 2011 | La Paz
All systems are go now on Sirocco due to the diligent work of our 2 master mechanics, Lee and Bob. This morning they installed a new impeller. The impeller is a critical component of a boat's cooling system. It is a rubber gearlike looking piece that allows water to go through to the heat exchanger. If it's not working right, the boat overheats. Lee had discovered 2 "blades" of the impeller in the heat exchanger, not good. What's strange is that Sirocco never exhibited any symptoms of a damaged impeller. Maybe the impeller was damaged recently.

Replacing the impeller is very difficult on Sirocco as it requires removal of a lot of parts including the starter to get to it. For that reason, we replaced the impeller last year when we replaced the starter as a preventive maintenance measure It took Lee and Bob 4 hours to do it but they got'er done. Bob has been a huge help to Lee with getting all the maintenance items done which includes: new belts, new oil and oil filter, new fuel and Racor filter, new impeller, re-seated heat exchanger bolts, redesigned compressor bracket, repaired mainsail, and topped off transmission fluid and coolant,. Sirocco is ready to do the bash! Now I hope the guys can relax for a couple of days.
Vessel Name: Sirocco
Vessel Make/Model: J Boats J/130
Hailing Port: Oceanside, CA
Crew: Lee Pryor and Cathy Sweet,
Lee and Cathy own Sirocco, a 1994 J/130 they purchased over three years ago and had shipped across the country from Rockport, Maine to Oceanside, California. Lee and Cathy have primarily raced Sirocco but decided to slow down and take some time cruising. [...]
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S/V Sirocco

Who: Lee Pryor and Cathy Sweet,
Port: Oceanside, CA