Sirocco Sails to Mexico

S/V Sirocco

Who: Lee Pryor and Cathy Sweet,
Port: Oceanside, CA
21 June 2011 | San Diego
20 June 2011 | 145 Miles from San Diego
16 June 2011 | 275 Miles from San Diego
14 June 2011 | 70 Miles South of Turtle Bay
12 June 2011 | Halfway to Bahia Santa Maria
10 June 2011 | San Jose Del Cabo
08 June 2011 | Between La Paz and San Jose Del Cabo
01 June 2011 | La Paz
28 May 2011 | La Paz
25 May 2011 | En route to La Paz
24 May 2011 | Ensenada Grande, Isla Partida
24 May 2011 | Isolotes
24 May 2011 | Nopolo
22 May 2011 | Ballena
22 May 2011 | Timbabiche
22 May 2011 | Agua Verde
14 May 2011 | Honeymoon Cove
14 May 2011
14 May 2011

In the Barn

21 June 2011 | San Diego
Sorry we haven't posted in a while but the blog website has been down. Sirocco arrived in San Diego on Saturday at around 4:30 am. After checking in with customs, we moved the boat over to Silver Gate Yacht Club. Les's wife Connie picked us up and brought us back to Oceanside. Lee and I had a much needed nap and then drove up to Dana Point to join other OYC members in a race/cruise event. It was great seeing everyone again.

The bash took us 6 days and 4 hours. The winds weren't too bad but the seas were worse than I expected. The seas finally settled down at around Sacramento Reef and we had a smooth ride all the way to San Diego.

Sirocco will be hauled out on Wednesday to put on a bumper stop on the propeller. We have a free haul out certificate from Shelter Island Boat Yard that expires in August so we decided to use it now. The plan is then to sail back to Oceanside on Thursday.

It's great to be back home but I'm having a tough time with land sickness. I truly get "landsick" at night while in bed. I'll wake up and the bed feels like it is pounding through waves. I might take some Dramamine tonight to try to help mitigate the motion. It seems strange that I am suffering from this since I don't get seasick. Maybe I can't be a landlubber anymore???

Bash Day 6

20 June 2011 | 145 Miles from San Diego
After 12 hours of very sloppy seas, we are finally in smooth water. The boat was pounding into the waves making a terrible racket, like small explosions. It was awful. But the ride is much better now. Everyone was able to sleep since it was much quieter.

We plan to be in San Diego around 8:00 or 9:00 on Saturday morning. Sirocco will stay in San Diego since our slip in Oceanside is subleased until June 26th.

Life is good.

Bash Day 5

16 June 2011 | 275 Miles from San Diego
Arrived in Turtle Bay Tuesday at midnight. Slept, fueled and left at 10:00pm Wednesday night. Decided to go outside Cedros which seems to be working out. 12 knot winds but 1.5 knot current. We're hoping to be in SD Saturday.

Bash Day 3

14 June 2011 | 70 Miles South of Turtle Bay
It's Tuesday morning and we are closing in on Turtle Bay. We were making good progress so decided to bypass Bahia Santa Maria. But had a strong current last night and started to go into Abberotes. Then after several hours the conditions changed again and after several tacks were back on rhumbline to Turtle Bay. Expect to get there around midnight tonight.

Bash Day1

12 June 2011 | Halfway to Bahia Santa Maria
Yesterday we left San Jose Del Cabo in the morning. We arrived in Cabo San Lucas at around 1:00pm and ducked our nose out. The wind was 25 and the seas large so we decided to anchor for awhile and wait until midnight. Both Pacifico and Sirocco left right at midnight and the conditions were very good for rounding Cabo Falso. Les says it's the best he's ever seen.

The seas were a little lumpy and the wind 8-12 during the night. More chop this morning and the boat was pounding pretty hard. There are about 5 boats out here. One of the boats had some excitement this morning. Water was above their floorboards. Turns out water was coming into their anchor locker (which is normal) but the bilge pump wasn't working. We also had water coming into our anchor locker and splashing onto the v-berth. We fixed that problem. We've also had some water coming in through the sprit gasket but not too bad.

Right now the seas have laid down a little and we are doing between 7 and 7.4 and are the rhumbline; average speed has been 6.3 knots against some strong seas. Wind is 15 knots true. Les is jazzed. Looks like we will bypass Bahia Santa Maria and go straight to Turtle Bay. Everyone is in good spirits and has been able to sleep. We heard from Pacifico this morning but are now out of radio range.

We're Going Home

10 June 2011 | San Jose Del Cabo
Sirocco arrived in Puerto Los Cabos yesterday morning and Les arrived in the afternoon. Today we are fueling and having the bottom cleaned (Lee still wants to go fast) and getting our paperwork to clear out of Mexico done. The marina here in Puerto Los Cabos is terrific. The office staff scheduled the diver and arranged for an agent to handle our paperwork. They have been very helpful to us and and all the cruisers here.

Hurricane Adrian has started a 3 day dying period. We will be over 300 miles from the center of this once category 3 hurricane. Scary. But it's all good now.
Our friends on Pacifico arrived here this morning. There is a good weather window opening up so we are all leaving tomorrow to head north. It looks like there will be 4 or 5 boats making the passage together.

We will try to update the blog on a daily basis during the passage but if you don't hear from us, don't worry. The boat is in the best shape it's ever been and we have a great delivery skipper and crew.
Vessel Name: Sirocco
Vessel Make/Model: J Boats J/130
Hailing Port: Oceanside, CA
Crew: Lee Pryor and Cathy Sweet,
Lee and Cathy own Sirocco, a 1994 J/130 they purchased over three years ago and had shipped across the country from Rockport, Maine to Oceanside, California. Lee and Cathy have primarily raced Sirocco but decided to slow down and take some time cruising. [...]
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Sirocco's Photos - Banderas Bay Regatta
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Third place for the crew of Sirocco!
Squirrel Anne
Jeez that code 0 is a big sail!
Sirocco still ahead of the J160 "Blew" close to the leeward mark.
Sirocco was the only boat in the A fleet that had solar panels
Uh oh, we might be early to the line.
Two J/130
Sirocco now has a battle flag

S/V Sirocco

Who: Lee Pryor and Cathy Sweet,
Port: Oceanside, CA