Sisiutl Passages

Web page to share the passages of s/v Sisiutl as we explore the oceans of the world.....

27 May 2010 | Australia
10 May 2010 | Pacific Ocean
01 May 2010 | Pacific Ocean
12 April 2010 | Opua, New Zealand
07 April 2008 | South Pacific
06 November 2007 | Opua, New Zealand
07 April 2007 | Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico
13 February 2007 | La Cruz
14 November 2006 | Redondo Beach
24 October 2006 | Passage: Hawaii to California
15 March 2006 | This artwork is on the stern of Sisiutl (And Bob's right shoulder)
25 December 2005 | La Cruz
01 December 2005

Story of Sisiutl (Artist Calvin Hunt)

15 March 2006 | This artwork is on the stern of Sisiutl (And Bob's right shoulder)
Dzunuk'wa' & Sisiutl Canoe '97 "A young man decided that he needed help in his quest to become a great warrior. He knew that Dzunuk'wa' could help as she had fabulous wealth in her supernatural treasure box. Dzunuk'wa' might be vain, stupid, and clumsy, but she was also very spontaneous in her gift giving.

The young warrior knew that her baby ogress never cried, much to the chagrin of the giantess. He though that she might present him with a gift if he could make her child cry. So he proceeded to taunt the baby, pinching and teasing her. Finally with great excitement he heard the baby ogress cry out. The giantess was so overwhelmed she presented him with a gift - a supernatural canoe.

Not only did this canoe carry him in his journeys across the seas and rivers, but it was a supernatural canoe that could transform into whatever he wished. He though that sisiutl would be his perfect ally. The double-headed serpent was a dreaded force to be dealt with - his glance could turn an enemy into stone, its flesh was impervisous to any spear. His scales, spines, blood and eyes were formidable weapons.

So this is how the young man earned his Great Warrior status.". -- Calvin Hunt (Artist)

Vessel Name: Sisiutl
Vessel Make/Model: Gulfstar Ketch 44�
Hailing Port: Portland, OR
Crew: Bob & Alexandria Bechler
Bob left Seattle in 2002 and has sailed the Pacific since then covering more that 64,000 miles.Eventually want to complete a circumnavigation.... Currently in Senibong Cove Marina, Malaysia across the waterway from Singapore. [...]
Extra: Exploring the oceans of the world.... "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bow lines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." Mark Twain
Sisiutl's Photos - Sisiutl Passages (Main)
Alexandria and I are married and currently planning our 2014 sailing adventure. Most likely into the Indian Ocean....
10 Photos
Created 24 May 2011
Maintenance work on Sisiutl
6 Photos | 2 Sub-Albums
Created 3 December 2010
Flowers of South Pacific
16 Photos
Created 19 October 2009
All pics taken in & around Bora Bora.
25 Photos
Created 17 October 2009
Crossing the Pacific fm Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
14 Photos
Created 15 October 2009
7500 mile passage, longest one for Sisiutl....first one for Caryl!!!
15 Photos
Created 3 December 2008
Very athletic whales hang out in Tonga
4 Photos
Created 5 September 2008
7 Photos
Created 11 December 2006
7 Photos
Created 1 December 2006
8 Photos
Created 1 December 2006
6 Photos
Created 1 December 2006
5 Photos
Created 1 December 2006
3 Photos | 1 Sub-Album
Created 1 December 2006