A Zulu name for "We dance with each other"

20 February 2013 | Hilton Head, SC
14 September 2011 | Hilton Head, SC
12 December 2010 | West Palm Beach
25 November 2010 | St. Mary's River, Ga.
09 November 2010 | half n half
14 June 2010 | near Beaufort SC
15 April 2010 | KEY WEST-jEWFISH BASIN
08 April 2010 | Key West, Florida
12 March 2010 | Fanny Keys, Marathon Shores
08 March 2010 | Anguilla Cay, Cay Sal Bank
03 March 2010 | Lisbon Creek, Andros Bahamas
01 March 2010 | Rocky Point
20 February 2010 | The Bight of Acklins
09 February 2010 | Little Harbor, Long Island
02 February 2010 | Georgetown, Great Exuma
22 January 2010 | Georgetown, Great Exuma
16 January 2010 | Black Point Exumas
03 January 2010 | Norman's Pond
26 December 2009 | Bimini
10 December 2009 | Cocoa Beach to Ft Pierce

SiyaSinana For Sale

20 February 2013 | Hilton Head, SC
Ahoy, we have decided that we will sell SiyaSinana so that we can spend more time with family after 6 wonderful years of cruising.
If anyone is interested or has any questions about SiyaSinana, her systems or living on board, please contact us. Some Photos are here in this gallery.
Full specs and additional photos can be seen at

It's September

14 September 2011 | Hilton Head, SC
The picture above is of Lisa running in the Dirty Girls mud run. It was in our area on September 10th. She was part of a team of 18 called the DIRTY HABITS (in case you were wondering she has not become a nun). It was a great time. Check out We sailed Siyasinana down from Beaufort to Hilton Head and hauled out on an old rail style ramp. Had to reconfigure the cradle from shrimp boat to catamaran but in the end, it was a great way to haul her wide ass out for an inspection and paint. Will fly down in October for a week of working on some electrical fixes. Hoping to cast off in November.


12 December 2010 | West Palm Beach
Gary, 75 and sunny
St. Augustine is a great stop. You can still anchor in a few spots but the primary anchorage is now a municipal mooring field 20$/nite, includes dingy dock and hot showers. With watermaker down, the hot long showers beat the limited-water style we employ when in water conservation mode as we are now. Friends up north should be happy to know we lived in snowmobile suits for almost a week. The run south to West Palm (Lake Worth) was on the inside, not our preferred route, but tolerable while we sort out the wind direction/speed indicator the seems to have developed a fever. Works, then doesnt. Give it a rest, works then doesnt. All wires tested at correct voltage, did repeated calibrations and finally yanked it out and mailed it to Raymarine for warranty repair.So, without knowing wind speed and direction, the freezing cold Atlantic Ocean with breaking seas at the inlet did not look too inviting despite the fact we were ready to endure. A quick uturn and down the ditch we came. Two days ago we removed the water maker from its sick location which requires a 2 man Twister team combined with mirrors and flashlight to see around corners to find the many hose and electrical connections. Lisa, being a dental hygentist is remarkably proficient working backwards and upside down while looking into a 3 inch mirror. Wont bore u with the details but suffice to say the 6 hr. job to replace all the O-rings and seals in the watermaker, reassemble, then reinstall unit back to said sick location, then reconnect all wires and hoses upside down and backwards using said mirror went flawlessly except for one small detail. Unit does not now work at all. Seems a pinhole leak in the tiny little 1/4 hose that has to hold up to 900 lb. psi may be the culprit. We cant find its name in the manual so to us it is the "magic tube". So tomorrow we take the bikes and look for that little part and retest. Day in the life....but all good cuz we're here, anchored, settled, have bikes and dingy dock priviledges at the West Palm Beach Sailing Club. Friends Marty and Cal on Carpe Vita are here and yesterday took us out for a great sail. Walked down to the Saturday morning "farmers market" in West Palm and I must say I have never seen such an upscale market anywhere. The route from St. Augustine was long and cold but uneventful with overnite stops in Rockhouse Creek, Ponce DeLeon, Melborne and Ft. Pierce. the highlites were that it warmed up to 50 by 2pm and we saw a rocket launch as we passed Cape Canaveral. The mission for today is take bikes to shore, find a sports bar within 20 miles to catch some of the Bills game, Go Bills, then meet up with Dad and Arlene who live about 15 miles north of our location. Cold front tonite with take us back to freezing morning temps. by Tuesday. Snow suites and down blanket at the ready. I thought it was warm in Florida. Will get fishing license and report on the Snook. Lisa sez hi.
Vessel Name: SiyaSinana
Vessel Make/Model: 40 foot Admiral Catamaran from Cape Town, South Africa
Hailing Port: West Falls, NY
In February on 2005, we wanted to escape a below-zero temperature weekend in hometown Buffalo, New York. Having never even discussed boating or wanting to even own a boat, we headed to the Miami Boat Show, presumably to get new topsiders. [...]
Married on the day after Christmas 2003, Gary and Lisa had done a little sailing on Lake Erie in "KYPU", a 26ft. Contessa with no navigation equipment and a broken engine. They now live aboard and cruise extensively on Siyasinana in the company of dog "George". Captain Lisa is now a licensed USCG [...]
SiyaSinana's Photos - Siyasinana (Main)
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launched in Cape Town, South Africa, August 2007
New davits.
Master berth, king size w/flat screen and separate control for berth AC/heat
Son of A Sailor, somewhere in the Exumas
dinner for 4
one of a thousand sunsets
pigs swim to boat
Boat 149sm: install of mainsail
Boat 091sm: Gary at the helm
Boat 138sm: another stern view
Boat 080sm: Stern view
Boat 071sm: galley
Boat 063sm: galley
 African Rosewood Nav station, new flat screen and nav equipment added after this photo
 It floats! ok, 8100 nm miles to Annapolis
Boat 023sm
Boat 016sm: Peace Man
Boat 022sm: Work, Work, Work
Boat 018sm: Panels go into nav station
Boat 013sm: A hub of activity
Boat 003sm: Just another view
Boat 008sm: Whistle while you work
Boat 006sm: Big, ain
Boat 011sm: Craig is like the energizer bunny
Boat 009sm: Very sexy windows
Boat 005sm: The Admiral factory is humming
Boat 007sm: I
Boat 001sm: Things are shaping up
Cape Town 066: the awsome Cape vistas
Cape Town 078: and the penguin is which?
Austria April22-23 2007 035: sailing in the Alps
Austria April22-23 2007 038: Austria-the mirror
Elba,Siena 086: Siena, Italy Picture, Widow Miror, reflection cool sink
Elba,Siena 101: Siena, Italy them are some _ _ _ _ _.
Giovo Passo Innsbruck to Italy Lisa: Austria to Italy, Giovo Pass
Elba,Siena 041: Elba Island, Italy
40 ft plug 01: Our Boat, in the Plug stage, stern view
40 ft plug 05: Our Boat, in the plug stage, bow view
Children VG 2005: Our children, PJ, Krissy, Katie and Brian, on a family vacation in Virgin Gorda, January 2005
Ready to sign where
Wendy & Craig 2007 sm: Wends & Craig, part of the Admiral team
Craig & Wends relaxing 2007sm: Craid & Wends relax on the bow of Lilyanna
Troublemaker Craig 2007sm: Craig, what are you up to?
David & Lisa await test sail sm: David & Lisa await a test sail
ADMIRAL 38 025sm: David, very relaxed while Gary & Lisa take the helm
Lisa test sail at helm sm: Look Mom, I
Lisa&Gary sign contract: Horay,we signed the Contract
Very convincing: David & John were very convincing
ADMIRAL 38 013sm: Captains Gary & Lisa at the helm for first test sail
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Captains Gary & Lisa

Port: West Falls, NY