Sleipnir III

27 June 2020 | North Atlantic
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07 August 2020 | Horta to Brest
At anchor in Camaret (south side of the entry to Rade de Brest). We
arrived on 05.08. in the afternoon but couldn't get a SIM card and
internet access yet, there's more restaurants than telecom shops here.
France hasn't changed at all since we left in the 90s even the music on
the radio is still the same :-0. It's busy, the holiday season in full
The wind turns northerly today, so we'll head into the Rade de Brest
and stay there until the mainsail is fixed. Appointment with the sail
maker is for Monday.


05 August 2020 | Horta to Brest
exciting, 49 miles to go to the entry to Brest!!
We got confirmation from the authorities that there's nothing to do
clearance/quarantine wise, so we'll take a break in Camaret tonight,
get a SIM card tomorrow and look for sail makers in the area before we
head to Brest's Moulin Blanc marina and pile up harbor fees just for
doing a lot of phone calls.
And then there is cidre, langoustines and crepes in the coming days.
Camaret should be fun.


04 August 2020 | Horta to Brest
4 miles to go to enter French waters. Running slowly, 7,5 kn due to
damaged sails :-( pity could easily run 13-14kn now. It's stopped
raining, it's coldish (23 celsius).
There's nothing much to do other than keeping ourselves awake during
the watches, the usual sleipnir solution to this is eating, eating
well. Mike harvested basil today and made fresh pesto and made fresh
bread in the night.
The forecast is good, should arrive late tomorrow if it turns out to be


03 August 2020 | Horta to Brest
After an uncomfortable night with strong winds (trysail!) we sit again
in the calm.. don't remember this part of the world being so wet and
grey in the middle of summer :-). It was real 'close the door' weather
and everything is encrusted in salt again.
We ripped the clew out of the main two nights ago, so maximum mainsail
is 1st reef and the screecher died between Cape Town and St Helena.
Being so underpowered doesn't really cause as much of a problem as
expected, because this leg has so far given us a lot of wind or none
whatsoever. Time to see a sailmaker.
Got this habit of watching movies - Waterworld made me crack up
laughing, really silly movie, but since Ascension Island we fully
understand that people kill for tomatoes :-).


02 August 2020 | Horta to Brest
Feels like North Sea today. Grey drizzle and cold.
520 miles to Brest


01 August 2020 | Horta to Brest
Had good wind for 2 days. Running under Motor in calm weather now.

13 July 2020

13 July 2020 | North Atlantic - arriving in Horta
50 mile to go, over 200miles the last 24h
its cold and drizzly

12 July 2020

12 July 2020 | North Atlantic
Quickly approaching now the Azores. Wind turned south east and we can sail half wind directly to Horta.
Weather is fine but a bit cold. We thought it's summer here but feels more like a nice winter day.

10 July 2020

10 July 2020 | North Atlantic
Wind starts to get very light. Should get easterly or southerly depending where we are in 24h

9 July 2020

09 July 2020 | North Atlantic
Weather pretty constant. Running with 8 knts towards the Azores.
At the moment we are going too far west but the wind should change easterly closer to the Azores.
Vessel Name: Sleipnir III
Vessel Make/Model: Garry Lidgard Custom Design
Hailing Port: Yamba, NSW, Australia
Crew: Ellen & Michael Preischl
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