Smoke - N - Blues

Racer converted to a cruiser

19 December 2011 | Santequin, Utah
01 December 2011 | Columbus, NM
10 October 2011 | Columbus, NM
05 October 2011 | Columbus, NM
03 October 2011 | Columbus, NM
02 October 2011 | Columbus, NM
01 October 2011 | Duchesne, Ut
25 September 2011 | Utah
24 September 2011 | Columbus New mexico
11 March 2011 | Sierra Vista, AZ
01 December 2010 | Sierra Vista AZ
19 November 2010 | Arizona
13 November 2010 | Utah
12 November 2010 | Mexico
12 November 2010 | Green River
21 October 2010 | Salt Lake City, Utah
19 October 2010 | St. Marks Hospital, Salt Lake City
04 October 2010 | VA Hospital Salt Lake City, Utah
28 September 2010 | Duchesne, Utah
26 September 2010 | Duchesne, Utah

Jodee's Emergency Gall Bladder Removal

19 October 2010 | St. Marks Hospital, Salt Lake City
Then all of a sudden on Friday Oct 8th I got real sick. It started with pressure in the upper abdomen that turned to ringing wet cold sweats and then vomiting. I woke up Saturday and did not feel any better. Now let me back up a little. My mom and dad had to go to Salt Lake for the blessing of their great granddaughter on Sunday.

Sunday morning I knocked on my moms bedroom door and told them that I was going to ride in with them and if they could drop me at the hospital that would be great. Dad drove us in and dropped Mom and me off at St. Marks Hospital at about 8:00 am I guess. It takes about 1 ½ hours to get to Salt Lake from home.

I gave them the symptoms and they sent me over for a sonogram of the right upper abdomen. That revealed a gall stone in the neck of the gall bladder. Now that is not enough information so off for a cat scan of the upper right and right abdomen. Now the doctor came in and said that I had to be admitted and that my gall bladder was so infected that it had to be removed. By this point they have me on an IV with antibiotics and morphine. So from what I remember Sunday night was pretty miserable and very sick. I had a blessing by an LDS Elder while in ER and then on Sunday two elders came to my room and gave me an anointment blessing.

They changed my pain med from morphine to Dilaudid and when I woke up I told them I will not take that again. I will put up with the pain instead of taking Dilaudid. My blood pressure dropped to low and my pulse was high. They called the doctor and switched me back over to Morphine. Monday Oct. 11th at about 1:30 pm I found myself being rolled down the hall to surgery. I don't remember reaching the OR. The next thing I know I was in my room and was told I could go home and I elected to stay the night and go home on Tuesday. Mom and Dad came and picked me up and now it was off to get meds.

That night I took one of the endocet pain pills and could not tolerate it so I switch over to two 500mg Non Asprin Acetaminophen. The antibiotic is Cipro 500 mg twice a day. I was nauseated the entire time. I took ¼ promethazine with no results and then ½ tablet and still no results. Since I am familiar with promethazine and knowing that a full tablet would make me sleep I did not want to sleep all day and all night. So after four days of cipro I decided not to take it any more. I only had one day left anyway. It was amazing how much better I felt by that night and every day has been better and better.

Looking back on the whole thing there are a number of blessings here. One thank god that we were in the U.S. when this happened. Two thanks for mom and dad who not only took care of Russ and I but the two fur buts. There are others that I am forgetting at the moment. Thank you god for all our blessings.
Vessel Name: Smoke-N-Blues
Vessel Make/Model: Peterson 40
Hailing Port: Sparks, NV
Crew: Capt. Russ Fields, Co-Capt. Jodee Fields, Taco & Lucy guard dogs.
About: Capt. Russ - Retired Corporate Pilot. Co-Capt. Jodee - Cook, Bottle Washer and anchor whench
Smoke-N-Blues is a Peterson 40 that was previously owned by Dennis Conners back in 1979. Its original name was "Highroller" and was reported to have done well in the "SORCY" race. Before conversion to a castle the PHRF was 54 draft was 8' and weight was 18,000 lbs now it is 8.5 draft and 29,000 [...]
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Smoke-N-Blues at Moro Bay, CA

Who: Capt. Russ Fields, Co-Capt. Jodee Fields, Taco & Lucy guard dogs.
Port: Sparks, NV
We wish everyone fair winds, calm seas and bug free anchorages.
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