Smooth Operator (SB-509)

"I haven't seen such a scruffy bunch of men as you for ages" one of the sailors laughed. "You'll all need a good scrub up before they'll let you lot out on the town. " (Of Guns, Revenge and Hope. -David Lawrence Young)

Southport to Mooloolaba.

27 June 2016
Pt 6

Aaaahh we cross the border this time with the sight of the concrete and glass towers on our radar we head to Southport Yacht Club and a well deserved rest and an early night. "Up at sparrow's fart you know." says kapitano. The evil sisters D'bra and Eilist have other ideas.

D'bra brings in some local drinking buddies supposed cousins. Eilist innocently suggests a game of pool. Well kapitano and mal get to see what Eilist did with her misspent youth, pool shark strikes. Well the masculinity and pride of the men was on the line. Mal distracts the evil sisters with his Les Patterson impersonation whilst dastardly clever kapitano sinks an unbelievable shot to claim victory and drag his mottly crew back to sshhhhmmmoooooothhhhy for an early staaahhhaaarrrttt.

Stuck in port Stephens.

24 June 2016
Pt 4b

What to do when stranded in port Stephens:
1 Teach kapitano and D'bra to play 500 and then get whooped by them.
2 Go to the Sunday market. ( Well researched Mal )
3 Go op shopping. ( Di will be impressed with the red carpet)
4 Go for a pleasant stroll to Mt Tomaree ( I'm sure it's one of the seven highest peaks of the world )
5 Cooking lessons by our apprentice chef. - scones at sea / mini quiches
6 Cooking lessons by our resident Executive Chef - D'vine Fritarter

Sydney to Pittwater

23 June 2016
The recently refurbished Newport Arms welcomed us with open arms, well the doors were open. Out to the beautiful dining area where we all enjoyed a meal a beer a beer - "no early start tomorrow" says kapitano. As the reluctant crew start thinking about the long walk home a great idea comes into eilist brain, let's play a game of table tennis, well one thing lead to another and the beer pong challenge was laid down, you'll have to ask kapitano how it finished but I think the photo says it all.

Port Stephens

23 June 2016
Pt 4a

After a very comfortable night and check of weather, we'll stay here for another day.

Up on deck to look at Shoal Bay in daylight, 37 free moorings,
wish they would put some reflective tape on the damm things.

Up anchor and leisurely cruise around the harbour and then into the marina for fuel and a hot shower. Five days later all crew coming down with a dose of cabin fever. Kapitano decides to get out of port Stephens thus avoiding having to hide the knives.#

# from the NSW Govt Boating & Survival Techniques - when at sea and confined collect knives and put in bag away from person who may change their personality.

Ps. Photo an example of changes in personality.

Sydney to Mooloolaba

22 June 2016
Hi all. Well we are on our way north for a three hour cruise, mmmm, better make that three days, no three weeks ( well for "some" it may feel like three weeks, those "some" being the intrepid crews loved ones. ). The intrepid crew of "kapitano", d'bra, eilist and the blog apprentice haven't had time to count the weeks / days / hours/ minutes / seconds / nanoseconds .......

It all started back in Sydney, I knew the Jenneau gods were not going to be happy when BLUE cans of VB were brought on board.

A wander round the rascally Russell's past, Balmain, found the most hospitable host at The Exchange, best crispy skin barramundi with the most divine sauce. ( got the recipe for those interested)

Fueled, water, food and those blue cans. Out under the coat hanger, wave to our mate Pete (Cosgrove GG) and head out through the heads and head north.

Not a couple hours out and the dreaded blue can devil strikes. Our pride and glory, RAN send out a patrol to ascertain our intentions. After the "girls" have the navy boys a smile and wave they let us go on our way. Apparently we had missed the call about a naval operation occurring in the area.

Around Cape Barrenjoey and grab a mooring and have some lunch in the sun. After lunch a siesta was in order and we worked on our vitamin D levels.

That night, all dressed up and off to Newport Arms for ..... tying up back soon.

Last leg .....

03 May 2016 | Jervis Bay
MD / fine and dandy
For Eilist, we are on Mals last leg, he hasn't been to bad bit tough like a two tooth.

For other bloggers good morning,

Yesterday I ran out of reception, most unusual for Optus outside of cities, NOT....

We had a lovely sail up from Batemans Bay to Jervis Bay. Best average speed for journey at 8 knots over the 7 hours. Best speed 11 knots. Sea was a bit choppy and the breeze gusting up to 30 but generally between 20 - 25 knots. Boy if we had Melbournes wind we would have been at NZ by now.

Last night we nestled into a pretty little cove in Jervis bay. Arriving in daylight was a treat, unfortunately tradition was broken with the beer flag being raised before sunset. ( thanks Grunter, good call)

Dinner was a superb LO concocted by resident gourmet chef, Bryan and his apprentice. Main course, a lovely spicey beef in edible bowl, lean bacon with quevo and a greekish salad. Desert a superb chocolate and banana slice. ( LO - left overs )

Early rise today, four bells, not sure that's right but sounds nautical and goodbye to the ACT harbour and onto the most magnificent harbour in the world. No wind yet, except for Grunter but in the circumstances understandable.

Day ....... wharever

02 May 2016 | Acheron Ledge
MD / sunny calm
Morning bloggers, this being our "Budget" day when all are waiting for Scott to deliver a jobs and growth budget, haven't heard that before.

Now for a serious news bulletin, it's official, Bryan is a wanna be friend of nemo.

01 May 2016 | Merrimbula
MD / sunny 6knot NW smooooth seas
Morning all, well after a lovely curry for diner last night watching the blues just beat the bombers. Kapitano looking at getting grand final tickets; "tell him he's dreaming".

Grunter making strange and concerning comments about how to survive with only three on board. We are hiding the knives.

Bryan has no respect for the cup of tea ritual in the morning suggesting we get going without one, I ask you.

The cook knocked up yummy bacon and eggs with a brewed coffee, doesn't get better than that for brekky.

Still little wind but sunny and calm. At this stage we plan to make jervis bay tonight.

My niece and her daughter "mirror" signaled us from merrimbula, good to say hi.

Back to swabbing the deck.

Smoothy is now docked at Hamilton Island Marina

07 August 2015 | Hamilton Island, QLD
After another long delivery North to Australia's pristine Whitsundays, Smooth Operator and crew are now dockside at Hamilton Island Marina ahead of next weeks Blue Water Classic.

Delivery crew, Di, Jo, And Eileen have done a magnificent job getting the boat the 2,000 NM in one piece.

Disappointingly, the same can't be said for the lads, news reached the editor that one evening Jock was leading a Conga Line down through the main cabin when yet again he came to grief.

Reports indicate Jock reported back on deck with a wounded face, fortunately he wasn't feeling the pain yet.

The story is yet to be collaborated but those who know Jock well won't be surprised!

Re-live last years Melb/Hamo/Melb trip by Jock

07 August 2015
Vessel Name: Smooth Operator (SB-509)
Vessel Make/Model: Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 509
Hailing Port: Martha Cove Marina, Port Phillip, Australia
Crew: Kapitano, Jock (away in Siberia for the winter) Juzzy, Cupboards, Grumpy, Grunter, The Principal, Fairweather, The Bitch, Di & Eileen, plus ring-ins
About: "I haven't seen such a scruffy bunch of men as you for ages" one of the sailors laughed. "You'll all need a good scrub up before they'll let you lot out on the town. " (Of Guns, Revenge and Hope. - David Lawrence Young)
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This is an ideal race for those new to ocean racing with its shorter length (52 miles) and proximity to the coast.
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Sailed around a Bay course, this event provides a challenge to those who wish to test themselves in a short-handed sailing format, as well as providing valuable training for those who are contemplating participating in the short-handed division of longer races conducted by the ORCV.
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"I haven't seen such a scruffy bunch of men as you for ages" one of the sailors laughed. "You'll all need a good scrub up before they'll let you lot out on the town. " (Of Guns, Revenge and Hope. -David Lawrence Young)
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Where it all ends I can't fathom, my friends. If I knew, I might toss out my anchor. So I'll cruise along always searchin' for songs, Not a lawyer, a thief or a banker. - Jimmy Buffett
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This hugely popular 34 nautical mile yacht race on Port Phillip is held each year on Boxing Day and, with a course designed to sail past major bayside locations, it is popular with sailors and spectators alike. Some say there is no better way to work off the excesses of Christmas the day before.
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Since 1844, the Festival of Sails has played a key part in the Victorian and Australian yachting calendar. Highly competitive and diverse, the event caters to all levels of sailing from high performance racing machines to family cruisers. Evolving over the years, to culminate in its’ current format, the Festival of Sails is an iconic and fun-filled event. It offers something that no other regatta in Australia does, combining first-class racing with a brilliant Shore-side Festival, which sees 100,000 visitors flock to the stunning Geelong waterfront to soak up the summer atmosphere.
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We are sailing, we are sailing, home again 'cross the sea. We are sailing stormy waters, to be near you, to be free. - Rod Stewart
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Audi Hamilton Island Race Week is one of Australia’s favourite yachting events and a firm fixture on the international sailing calendar. Competitors, family and friends come together to enjoy the convivial atmosphere and unique camaraderie of the event’s on-water and off-water carnival. Every August, spectators and yachties from around the globe sail to Hamilton Island for Audi Hamilton Island Race Week - Australia’s largest offshore keel-boat regatta.
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