Swingin' on a Star

An ocean going catamaran


Our final 24 hours of passage was all about crossing the Gulfstream. On the Cuba side we battled a counter current for an hour or two until it got bad enough that we turned hard to port and cut across it for a couple hours. Once free, we got back on course to...

Approaching Cuba

The inevitable forecast finally arrived. The ABNT20.KNHC Tropical Weather Outlook has to read:
"Tropical cyclone formation is not expected during the next 5 days." for us to leave port in an at-risk
area. Today this forecast changed to: "A...

Lake Caribbean

Our nighttime short cut across the Nicaraguan Rise took us through the shelf drop off area favored by fishing vessels. It also put us about 50nm closer to the area where infrequent opportunistic Nicaraguan and Honduran fisherman have turned pirate. For good or...

Headed Home

Our last blog and position post was dropped as we passed Providencia island. We had 3g cellular internet
for several hours there. I'm afraid that is over for the duration however. As the sun set and we lost sight
of Providencia, we also lost...

Escape from San Andres

We got up at 5AM this morning but took it easy getting ready to depart. We had to stow the BBQ, the
toaster and especially the knife block. We had to make coffee. All the important things. We had us and
the boat ready to go at about 7:30. The...

Last day in San Andres

Today kicked off with a 30 knot squall and lights out rain. It came from southeast which was unusual and
uncomfortable. Uncomfortable because our friend Peter on Freedom was dead ahead about 100 feet off
of our bow. We could not have left if we...