Spirit of Sobraon

30 June 2017


30 June 2017
Test of sailblogs.

We stayed in Matsuyama for 3 days. We berthed at Horie Sea Station (33 54.4426 N 132 44.9396 E) about 4 miles north of the main town centre.
The sea station is serviced by both a bus and commuter train service. The train is fast and efficient and we were able to access the city in only 10 minutes.
Matsuyama Castle, a flatland-mountain castle built in 1603 on Mount Katsuyama, whose height is 132 meters dominates the city skyline.
It is also a spa/onsen town. The spas are fed from hot mineral springs. Dogo spa is possibly the most famous of them. It featured in the famous Japanese Meiji Era Novel 'Botchan'. It is serviced by the city street car service and a restored 'Botchen' Steam train.
It was a great stop and we enjoyed the company of a number of other yachts whilst at the sea station.
With power and water available it meant that we could also catch up on domestics like laundry and cleaning Spirit of Sobraon.
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