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Panwa Beach

16 January 2013 | Phuket - Thailand

everybody landed well into 2013 I hope , and , as always, the time is pulsing. Middle of January already..... Well some of you are connected to facebook as well and had a look to the pictures we sent there for X - mas & N year. We arrived to Thailand on the 15.12.2012 at 14.45 to Ko ( stays for isle) Nipit, where we anchored over night. The next stop was Ko Rok Nok, 46 NM further south. There we arrived by 19.00 h. at the 16.12.2012. Both Island have nothing out of the world, but where nice anchorages on the way. 60 % of the time we could sail.

By the 17.12. , sailing only with the Genoa , we arrived to Ko Phi Phi Ley, the nice little Island with the great hippie bay in De Caprio Film " The Beach ". Nice clear water on this picturesque rock island , and late evening and early morning, when all the hundreds of speedboats full of snorkels, divers and all other kind of tourist wend home, the bay became really romantic .

We spent one day there , then sailed to the bigger neighbor island Ko Phi Phi Don, the party island. And that is exactly what we got for the night, party. Nice island, very touristice, but good food, nice open air bars at the beach and music until you drop...

We left there on the morning of the 19.12. 2012 , sailing to Ko Phuket, the Ao ( stays for bay ) Chalong, where you clear in into the country, immigration and customs. Next morning, the 20.12 we cleared in and hired a scooter in Chalong, fixing a new Sim- card for the phone and a new internet plan with it, as we use our phone as hot spot on board to be connected to the internet. In the afternoon we met Martin and Ivy, they arrived to Chalong Bay as well from Singapore to stay with us on the ship for 10 Days.

On the 21.12 Martin & Ivy boarded and we left , just crossing the bay, to Panwda Bay, the anchorage there is much quieter and nicer than in front of the pier from AO Chalong.

The next morning, we left with nice sailing wind to Ko Racha Yai , to spent a day there for swimming and snorkeling. On the 23.12.2012, for x- mas we sailed back to Phuket Island, to the Ao Nai Harn, where we spent some days until the 26.12., we had a nice Christmas Dinner in the Bay, and on the 26. again with Martin and Ivy in the Nai Harn Resort and Yacht Club.

The Night from the 26.to 27.12. we anchored at Patong Bay to check out location for New Year eve with the fantastic fireworks on bay, and left the next morning to Similon Island Group, about 60 NM south-east from Phuket. The Similons are well known for there chrystal-clear waters.

We spent total 3 days there, on Kon Silmilan, and Ko Miang , the water was beautiful , 25 - 30 mtr. clear water to the bottom, swam and snorkeled a lot, liked the islands very much, even with lots of speed - and diving boats during day time hours, we always found an empty mooring in the bays.

By the 30.12. at 11 pm we left the Similons to sail back to Phuket, Patong Bay , where we arrived at 20.30 pm. Martin & Ivy had to leave at the 31. by 18.pm to the airport, catching there airplane to Singapore and we had dinner with some fellow sailors, many anchored in the Patong Bay for the fireworks.

We spent 3 more days in Patong, a busy loud touristice Village with sex shows, discos and active late night life.

by the 03.01.13 we came back to Panwa Bay anchorage, rented a scooter for 14 days and started to explore the island and the towns over land. The Bay , beach and anchored is perfect for a base point, swimming is good, nice beach and resort pool, two nice beach restaurants, easy dinghy landing at the beach etc,.

We got quotes for the dentist (for me general renovation ) but to expensive, Katrin had her Eyes Laser yesterday , the operation went well and she will need no glasses any more except to reading glasses; we collecting quotes for some paint jobs on the ship, upper hull paint, but the prices came up quiet a bit in the last two years, and we think here in Phuket it is to expensive now.

In the between we are relaxing quiet a bit here at the bay, the dinghy got his new covers and we connected as well two sail makers for the repairs and the new mainsail.

At night the temperature is good at the anchorage, during the day it is very hot. As long as we have some wind it is acceptable , without it is fare to hot and only livable in the shade.

The weather is nice the last 12 days, most no raining, little clouds only and mostly light windy .Next week we will sail some around at the east coast, before we sail to the mainland, visiting the town and province of Krabi.

We like Thailand so fare, the people are nice and friendly, the service , as well in the Hospital, is extreme well, food is affordable, main dish lunch or dinner between 3 - 6 Euro, beer 1,5 - 2 Euro, and at the supermarket you get everything you want, as well good sausage and meet products as well as bread from a German guy, Otto, from Bangkok.

The water in general is not any more as nice as it has been before the Tsunami , many corals died, but on the outer islands it is still good accept to the coral, witch is coming back slowly.

We opend up a new picture gallery , Thailand.

Hasta la vista amigos, have a nice time and enjoy 2013

Swen & Katrin
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The Vessel : Sloop, Beneteau Idylle 15.5 built in 1986. The roller furling main and mast as well as the rolling furling system for genua and staysail are from 1992. The Idylle series has been built by Beneteau only for some years, in which there wanted to compare in the market with , by [...]
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