Solitude's Mexico Adventure

30 March 2011 | San Diego
26 March 2011 | Ensenada
14 March 2011 | The Trip North Continues
10 March 2011 | Turtle Bay
06 March 2011 | The March winds Begin to Blow
05 March 2011 | The Long Bash Home Continues
04 March 2011 | Bahia Santa Maria
26 February 2011 | The Trip Home Begins
13 February 2011 | Second Time Around
18 January 2011 | La Paz
15 January 2011 | Mazatlan to La Paz
13 January 2011 | Farthesyt North on the Mainland
09 January 2011 | 40 Miles North of San Blas
31 December 2010 | About 20 Miles North of Chacala
18 December 2010 | 25 miles to the north of Banderas Bay
14 December 2010 | 25 Miles North of Banderas Bay
12 December 2010 | A DAy of Solitude
10 December 2010 | First Step North
01 December 2010 | Banderas Bay
24 November 2010 | Leg One Complete - 1458 nm

On to San Diego

30 March 2011 | San Diego
I arrived in Ensenada on a Friday night so I would have to wait until Monday to check out of Mexico. I spent the weekend mostly in the cabin with the boat rising and falling in the slip like I was still at sea. I had just beat a fairly strong storm passing through which accounted for the heavy winds on /Friday afternoon. I also found out that Monday was a holiday so that I couldn't check out until Tuesday. After fighting the wind all the way up the Baja I now had to loose another day to the holiday. While in Ensenada I did treated myself to a nice dinner in town and provisioned for my trip up to San Diego.

I left Ensenada midday on Tuesday, March 22nd, heading for the good old U.S. of A. The only weather information I could get in Ensenada for the San Diego area was from NOAA . It had winds under 10 knots and 3-5 foot seas. I was looking forward to a laid back trip overnight into San Diego. As I rounded the breakwater, heading north, I learned that what's happening in San Diego isn't what one should expect in Ensenada. Again I had 25+ knot winds which lasted until around 10:00 p.m. that night. Another day of bashing before I reached San Diego. The winds died off as I approached San Diego and I entered the channel at sunrise, on the motor, in calm conditions. Although I still had 450 miles to Santa Cruz it really felt like I was home.
Vessel Name: Solitude
Vessel Make/Model: Golden Gate 30
Hailing Port: Santa Cruz, CA
Crew: Capt Frank Brauch
About: Capt Frank has taught sailing in Santa Cruz, CA for the past ten years. He has also crewed on boats to Hawaii, in Tonga, New Zealand and Mexico.

Solitude Wing-on Wing

Who: Capt Frank Brauch
Port: Santa Cruz, CA