Sv solseeker

29 October 2013 | Nogales
28 October 2013 | Tucson, Arizona
24 October 2013 | Darwell Alberta
12 October 2013 | Darwell AB
19 September 2013 | Darwell, Alberta
23 April 2013 | San Carlos Mexico

Crossing the border

29 October 2013 | Nogales
We finally made it across the border. Got off to a late start because of the free breakfast at the hotel, crossed the border at about 8am.
Hit the first checkpoint and they were pulling over all vehicles for inspection, got to the front and asked where we were going. San Carlos you say!!. Got waved past the checkpoint.
Mile 21 was a different experience. Got the red light and an over aggressive guard. Lucky he had poor English and had to call over an inspector with better English skills.
She was much nicer. Finally cost us about $250.00 for taxes. Still pretty cheap considering.
Lets hope the rest of the week is better

Leaving Tucson

28 October 2013 | Tucson, Arizona
We have finally arrived in Tucson, Arizona.
Talk of the divorce lawyer has started to fade away as the realization that we will soon be on the boat.
Done a lot of shopping on the way down, lots of stuff that we forgot to pack and now we have TWO.
We cross the border early AM on the 29th
5 more hours till we arrive in San Carlos
Cannot wait for the driving to end so I can enjoy a Grande Choppa beer at the Captains Club.
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Leaving Town

24 October 2013 | Darwell Alberta
Packing up to leave today. It is not a good day.
We now realize the amount of work required to pack up and leave for 6 months.
Tempers flair often and the talk of a cheap Mexican divorce lawyer has come up several times. But who would get the boat???
Back to work.
We finally pull away late in the afternoon with lots left to do.
Good thing we have such great daughters to look after the things that we have forgotten or decided were too hard to get done.
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Counting down the hours

12 October 2013 | Darwell AB
9 days till we depart for San Carlos.
Got the van...... an 07 Pontiac Montana.
Family is coming for Thanksgiving dinner this weekend; our last family function till we leave.
The loading will begin shortly; hoping it will all fit in the new van??
The picture is out our front window looking at the beginning of a great Alberta fall day.

Almost Ready

19 September 2013 | Darwell, Alberta
After several months of work most of the papers are ready. Thanks to Richard @ Steveston Marine our list of wants has dwindled to almost nothing, however, we now realize that a Volkswagon Golf will not carry our first year needs.
It's off to the auction this weekend to find a Dodge Caravan for a good price to carry all the required gear down to Mexico.

The new life

23 April 2013 | San Carlos Mexico
Our first days on Sol Seeker, tied to the dock at San Carlos marina
Vessel Name: Sol Seeker
Vessel Make/Model: Hunter 410
Hailing Port: San Carlos, Mexico
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Port: San Carlos, Mexico