SV Songbird

Peniche to Cascais

02 July 2014
Stu & Shar
The run into Lisbon was originally the plan for the day. Starting dead downwind in a good breeze on a 'gull wing' setup with a poled out headsail. We made good progress throughout the day as the wind was consistent in both direction and strength, Dolphins made a fleeting visit, riding the bow and vying for the best position, but soon got bored and went off again. As we rounded 'Cabo Raso' and turned east for the run across to Lisbon, we read up on Cascais and opted to stay here instead as it looked and sounded the better option. As it turned out it was brilliant, it was a small tourist town a half hour by train to Lisbon. It wasn't too busy, had a relaxed pace and good facilities (even if it was a little on the pricey side). Colleen and Alex (Tumelty) were flying into Lisbon today and after speaking with Coll, arranged for them to catch the train down from Lisbon tomorrow, to meet up about lunch time. They were going to spend the next twelve days 'learning to sail' as we headed for Gibraltar.....the question was, how they would cope with sailing the Atlantic coast. We headed off early the next morning and spent a very full day touring Lisbon (mostly on foot) arriving back in Cascais late in the evening. We saw a number of sights (see photos), but after visiting the Aquaducts and having some lunch, were making our way back down towards the habour around where the suspension bridge crossed the 'Rio Tejo', we walked down a road, turned a corner and ran straight into what must have been one of the 'no go' areas in town....seeing what we had hit we make a quick exit up a side street and beat a hasty retreat....close call I think. One thing I must mention is Portugal has a rich and proud maritime history, they set off and discovered the trade route to India (Vasco da Gama) not long after Columbus crossed the Atlantic to America. They also have very close ties to the UK (most Portuguese speak English) as the UK helped them get independence from the French after they invaded in the 1700s and supported them against the Spanish in their conflicts....this old foes thing again ??
Vessel Name: Songbird
Vessel Make/Model: Dufour 40E
Hailing Port: Fremantle - Australia
Crew: Stuart & Sharanne


Who: Stuart & Sharanne
Port: Fremantle - Australia