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The Edge family is gone with the wind. We can't bring you all with us, but we can share our adventures with you as we slip our lines and explore unknown waters.

25 August 2011 | Melville, RI
22 August 2011 | Newport, RI
20 August 2011 | Sandwich, MA
19 August 2011 | Annisquam, MA
18 August 2011 | Portland, ME
17 August 2011 | Rockland, ME
16 August 2011 | Rockland, ME
15 August 2011 | Rockland, ME
02 August 2011 | Rockland, ME
01 August 2011 | North Haven, ME
31 July 2011 | Seal Bay on Vinalhaven Island
30 July 2011 | McGlathery Island, ME
28 July 2011 | Castine Harbor, ME
27 July 2011 | Pulpit Harbor, ME
26 July 2011 | Camden, ME
25 July 2011 | Camden Maine
24 July 2011 | Brownville Junction, ME
20 July 2011 | Boothbay Harbor, ME
19 July 2011 | Damariscove Island, ME
18 July 2011 | Boothbay Harbor, ME

Batten Down The Hatches

25 August 2011 | Melville, RI
Cap'n Monty
So here I sit, snug in New England’s Boatworks secure little harbor. I sought shelter here from a storm that was previously aimed at the Carolinas, but Irene must have seen me duck my head because she is now targeting my current location as well. It would appear that both home and the Song are likely to be hit by Irene. This marina used to be a Navy PT boat base and is surrounded on all sides by terra firma, so the Song is in about as safe a place as could be found in these waters.

I have made all possible preparations that I can for the Song. I have double tied all her dock lines, deployed all her fenders, stripped the headsail, stripped the rigging, stripped the canvas, gasketed the mainsail, and tied down the Dixie ashore on a rack. This is a highly professional boatyard and is well staffed. They intend to manage the boats during the blow, by making any required line or fender adjustments.

I have made friends with Danny Galli on s/v Unicorn, a sail boat in the slip next to the Song. He has said that he will also look out for the Song as he is going to be riding out the storm aboard his boat. Typically these storms are weakened by the time they reach New England, and I hope that becomes the case here. I would not want anything to happen to Danny or others that remain here to tend the fleet.

Aside from a great deal of boats being hauled out, I have not observed a great sense of urgency among the local community as of yet. The prevailing attitude is that the alarm always sounds, and the storms never come. So most people are taking a wait and see approach. Luckily, this marina will secure any vessels which owners neglect (at $72/hr and $100/hr overtime of course).

I will leave for the airport this morning to catch a flight home to NC. I bid you all farewell at this time and I hope that Irene does not affect any of you living in or near it’s path. I will return later both the bring the Song home and to continue this story. Thank you for following our saga to this point and good luck to all of you.

Cap’n Monty
s/v Song Of The South
Berthed at New England Boatworks, Melville, RI
Vessel Name: Song of the South
Vessel Make/Model: Caliber 40 LRC
Hailing Port: Minnesott Beach, NC
Crew: Monty Edge
About: s/v Song of the South crew consists of our family, with Monty Edge as Captain, Amy Edge as Admiral, Hunter Edge as Ship's Scientist & Asst Chef, and Austin Edge as 1st Mate & Coxswain. We are beginning our third summer of criusing. We hope there are many voyages in our future.
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Who: Monty Edge
Port: Minnesott Beach, NC