The log of SONRISA II

Marquesas > Tuamotus Day 5

Well here we are on day five of what we imagined to be a four day passage with still 192
nautical miles to go. The wind sure has picked up, as have the seas. The past 24 hours has
been some of the toughest sailing we have ever endured on...

Marquesas > Tuamotus Day 4

The wind has finally arrived! But it brought two unwelcome friends. Choppy head-seas and
rain squalls. We are happy to be sailing but the motion on board is very bouncy and everything
is damp from the rain. We had spaghetti for dinner and...

Marquesas > Tuamotus Day 3

God damn it�'s so fucking hot out here and there is next to no wind. The only reprise comes
from pouring buckets of salt water over our heads. I made the poor decision this morning to
bake a loaf of sourdough which only worsened the situation...

Marquesas > Tuamotus Day 2

I�'m Impressed with how many miles we have done in the light and fickle winds out here. You
wouldn�'t even know the boat is moving when you are downstairs, it�'s like being at anchor! It�'s
the second day and we are still ghosting along...

Marquesas > Tuamotus Day 1

Hello friends and welcome back to another edition of Sonrisa on passage. We are underway
again, this time to the alluring atolls of the Tuamotus. Aptly named the �"dangerous
archipelago�" for the many ships it has claimed, it�'s...

Life is but a drag

Since our arrival in French Polynesia, we've been in a whirlwind of boat repairs, restocking supplies, and exploring the sights. They say offshore cruising is all about working on your boat in picturesque locations, and I can't help but agree. As soon as we...