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Who: Graham, Sam
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Recognition for Alistair and the S.A. Maritime Net.

08 July 2010 | Durban
Davina ZS5GC

January, 1983.

At a ceremony at the Point Yacht Club in Durban, Alistair was awarded the prestigious CIG communication prize, an Aboriginal Message Stick, for his role in assisting the BOC Around Alone yachts and in particular his involvement with the rescue of Tony Lush from his severely damaged vessel, Lady Pepperell. In his acceptance speech Alistair said:

"Robin Knox-Johnstone said that the single-handed voyage around the world is the ultimate in sailing and it is also the greatest challenge a person can find to their ability to survive." Of the race he said "The entrants are going to be pushed to the limits of their endurance, self-reliance and inventiveness. They will return with self-knowledge that is real human strength."

To have been associated with such men and to have played a small part in this epic undertaking has been a privilege and a pleasure.

In accepting this award tonight I must pay tribute to all the other amateur radio operators, particularly to my wife, Davina, who made the success of the communication network for the race possible.

I thank BOC and CASA for presenting their awards to me. Their recognition is really appreciated.

Thankyou all for making tonight a memorable occasion for me

The Cruising Association of South Africa and The Royal Cape Yacht Club also presented Alistair with an award for his part in the First Leg of the BOC Around Alone Race.

January, 1983. CQ magazine wrote:

"Yachtsman Owes His Life To Ham" - no doubt all saw or heard the media reports after Alistair ZS5MU played a major role in the rescue of a competitor in the BOC Round-The-World-Alone Yacht Race. Alistair and Davina, ZS5GC, are now justly famous world-wide for their daily nets for m/m stations and incidents such as this throw into relief the value of their work. The Ham fraternity in general, and the Durban Branch in particular, are proud of their efforts and outstanding achievements.

SARL Icom Excellence Award was presented to Alistair and Davina in 2000. It is a really good feeling to be recognized by one's fellow hobbyists and the organization to which we belong.

SARL Amateur Radio Community Service Award. This was awarded to both of us in 2005 for 25 Years of dedication to the Maritime Mobile Net. Alistair was flown to Johannesburg where he was hosted by other Hams and attended the award ceremony. An experience which he really appreciated.

At the award ceremony he said:

It is an honour to be the recipient of this award today and I think all of you who were involved in making it possible for me to attend this function and share in the celebrations of the SARL's 80th Anniversary.

Davina was really sorry that she could not be here to share the moment but she had previous commitments which could not be cancelled.

In accepting the award I must pay tribute to the many Hams who, over 26 years, have assisted me on the Maritime Net in many ways and who have run the Net for us on the rather rare occasions that Davina and I have taken a holiday, or have been laid low by illness. Particular thanks go to Graham Griggs, ZS2ABK, who stood in for me during the 4 months this year when I was ill and recuperating from a stroke.

The Maritime Net is an extremely rewarding and interesting extension of my amateur radio hobby which has resulted in many good friendships over the years. This award is just the Cherry on the Top! Thankyou.
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Who: Graham, Sam
Port: Durban