Voyages of Southern Cross DQQ

Narrative and photo account of our sailing experiences on Southern Cross

Vessel Name: Southern Cross DQQ
Vessel Make/Model: Hylas 46
Hailing Port: Newport Beach, California
Crew: Richard Dauben, Phil and Carole Quirk
Rich is a lifelong sailor who sailed his previous boat Cerita, a Beneteau 411, down the west coast of Mexico and Central America, through the canal, and up the western Caribbean to Savannah, Georgia. He is now eager to sail south and then west from California to explore the South Seas. [...]
Extra: Southern Cross is named after the CSN song about sailing to the South Pacific. DQ+Q is the name of the above musical trio who hope to sing their way along as they sail and meet sailors and musicians around the world.
Recent Blog Posts
05 January 2019

New Years Eve in Sydney

The day following Christmas is known in Australia as boxing day. This is not about pugilistic boxing. The name comes from the fact that many families in Australia have household servants, and the day after Christmas is when the families give the workers gifts in boxes to take home. Boxing day is also [...]

28 December 2018

South to Pittwater

I knew sailing south from Brisbane single handed would be tiring. Rather than try to m get multiple weather windows with northerly winds I decided to make long jumps down to Sydney where we planned to spend the holidays. So it was a long overnight motor sail down to Coffs Harbour. The first half of [...]

01 December 2018

Brisbane and South to Surfer's Paradise

After about a week in Bundaberg Phil and I took the boat out and around Fraser Island and down to the Scarborough Marina near Brisbane. This is the fastest and most direct route, and with the current now behind us we made good time. Those with time can make a more leisurely passage inside Fraser Island, [...]

10 November 2018

Arrival in Australia

It was a seven day passage to Bundaberg. Phil and I tried a new watch schedule, six hours at a time on watch instead of three. We found that we could do the longer watches without getting excessively tired, and six hours of sleep at a time when off watch allowed us to get better REM sleep so we felt [...]

30 October 2018

Exploring New Caledonia

The sail across to the main island of New Caledonia was somewhat rough as the trade winds were getting stronger. But Phil had to make it to Noumea within a week to fly home for a wedding. So we pressed on. We anchored each night in well protected harbors, but we had to motor sail into the wind and [...]

28 September 2018

Safe Arrival at Lifou Island, New Caledonia

Departure from Port Vila, Vanuatu, went fairly smoothly. We got four take-out dinners from our favorite Indian restaurant, Spice, which we froze for in-transit consumption. I also got a lot of fresh bananas, apples, and oranges which I cut up and froze in preparation for making fruit smoothies while [...]

Good Bye to New Zealand, On Our Way to Fiji!

17 May 2018
The six months we have explored New Zealand have been fantastic. Separate posts with photos and videos will be added to detail where we went and what we did. We have been so busy both traveling and then getting the boat ready to sail that I have not had time to work on the blog. But now that we are heading back to the tropics I hope to work on the blog at a leisurely pace.

We are going to miss all of the friends we have made in New Zealand and the cruisers we have met along the way that we may not see again. Many thanks to Dan on Vagabond and his daughter Lindsay for the many wonderful experiences we had together. And thanks to the members of the Southern Cross Blues Band, Chris from Family Circus on bass with wife Sayo on vocals, Frans from Wind Sang on rhythm guitar, blues harp, drums, and vocals, Karl from Sky Blue Eyes on keyboards, and Grant from Spill the Wine on drums and guitar. We had a blast playing at the Bon Voyage party put on by Jill, Clay, and Briley from Me Too. There was a large turn out from nations all around the world. Thanks to Tony from Mandalay for sharing his extensive sailing experiences. We have also had some great jam sessions with Karl and Julie from Sky Blue Eyes, Chris and Nancy from Spill the Wine, and Jeff and Katie from Mezzaluna. And thanks to Trevor and Kimi on Slow Flight for the great dinners and get-togethers.

But now we are on the high seas about 150 nm northeast of New Zealand and just turning onto the rhumb line for Vuda Point, Fiji. So far the winds have been light and from behind, so we have been mostly motoring on bumpy seas. We hope to find good wind and calmer seas soon. We have two 22 year old "hitchhikers" from France helping Phil and me crew. Cam is a French chef who prepared and froze all of our dinners before we left, and Agustin is a cabinet maker who has already built us two custom cabinets in the aft cabin since we have jettisoned the washer/dryer that we never used and got new lead-crystal house batteries which are much smaller that out previous lead-acid batteries. So we are hoping for a fun and relaxing cruise to Fiji.

More to come once we reach Vuda Point. See you then!
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