Spellbound Pacific Cup 2012

07 July 2012
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Escape from the High

20 August 2012 | 925 to go to the SF Light Bucket (as of 4:30 PM)
(from Bob) After that last update, I was not able to connect with the radio to send email. I kept getting an error that the connection to the modem was lost. The propagation did not show good probability of connecting. I was relieved to be able to send later that night.

Progress yesterday was slow, despite passing the halfway mark and 1000 mark. During my night shift, I tried tacking to port, but still couldn't sail fast, and was heading SE. Larry and Scott were having similar trouble heading West of North and very slow VMG. When I woke up for my 9 AM shift, I tacked onto port and after a few minutes the wind started filling in from 030 at 10 knots. We have been blasting along close the rhumb line in 10 to 13 knots of wind. I think it has even lifted a few more degrees. (Yay!)

Last night we had Chicken thighs with onions, potatoes, and lentil soup. Delicious again. I hear there are only 4 or 5 more thighs left...

The wind looks good for the next few days. The boat just has to survive slamming over waves every once and a while. We should be able to average 6 knots or 150 mile days. So less than 7 days. We still have 60 gallons of fuel left, so can run for 120 hours or 720 miles (if light wind).

The ride has gotten considerably rougher since we started sailing. I had to put on a patch yesterday.

Currently (4:30 PM) Bsp 6 COG 062 AWS 17 AWA -35 Main full. #2 Jib up and close hauled. Engine 0 PRM Barro 1025 Lat 35 47N Long 141 41W

Fishing No

Under a 100 to the Farallons.

19 August 2012 | 100 to go to the SF Light Bucket (as of 9PM)
(from Bob) You know, it doesn't look any different than 200 miles to go, or 300 miles to go, but it sure feels different.

We changed our way point ot South of the Farollons as the previous course was taking us straight through them. Once we are there, it will be about 25 miles to the Bridge.

The setting sun shortly followed by the setting moon sure looks good on this last night of sailing from Hawaii to SF.

I think we will be under the Golden Gate Bridge around 2 PM. We will be monitoring VHF channel 69 and looking for our friend on Snowy Owl.

Hi to all you working stiffs in SF as we sail by... :-)

Currently (9:00 PM) Bsp 7.4 COG 090 AWS 10.0 AWA -90 TWS 14 TWD 300 Main full prevented to Starboard. #2 Jib up and sheeted out to the rail. Engine off Barro 1015 Lat 37 32N Long 125 01W

Fishing No

Getting close

19 August 2012 | 180 to go to the SF Light Bucket (as of Noon)
(from Bob) The weather is great. Clear skies, 12 to 15 kts on the beam. Speed over ground is equalling VMG. We are doing 7 to 8 knots. AND the engine is off.

There is definitely an excitement about getting in. Something about hot showers, friends and family... :-)

Currently (9:20 PM) Bsp 7.4 COG 065 AWS 10.0 AWA -90 TWS 13 TWD 300 Main full prevented to Starboard. #2 Jib up and sheeted out to the rail. Engine off Barro 1018 Lat 37 31N Long 126 25W

Fishing No

Thanks to my race crew.

18 August 2012 | 294 to go to the SF Light Bucket (as of 9:20 PM)
(from Bob) I had a great race to Hawaii. I had great crew. I think we worked well together and I am please with the results.

David was on his first long ocean race. He found a job and did it well. He was in control of the guy for Spin hoists and drops. It was great to have consistency there. He also got to drive a bit which was great as it was a new boat for him.

Javier was the most enthusiastic of all. This was great to have on board. He also took on the foredeck and was a great asset to have available during those exciting spinnaker adventures.

Hendrik was a fantastic driver. He could get the boat into the groove and drove for hours at a time. I think he finally did get enough as towards the end he mentioned some soreness. He also was not shy about declaring the Airex 700 his favorite spinnaker.

Nathan was fantastic on all parts of the boat. He put in extra hours repairing spinnakers, navigating, and always knew what needed to be done in those crisis moments. He also did an excellent job of getting the boat trimmed to sail well. I remember on particular night when the boat would not round up. It was unforgettable. I learned a lot about boat handling on this trip from Nathan.

I had a great time and earned the nick name Captain Shredder.

Congratulations on a 3rd place finish. My boys and I are proud to have a trophy. THANK YOU 2012 Pacific Cup Race Crew!!!

Currently (9:20 PM) Bsp 7.4 COG 065 AWS 8.0 AWA `120 TWS 13 TWD 275 Main full prevented to Starboard. #2 Jib up and sheeted out to the rail. Engine 2200 PRM Barro 1017 Lat 37 15N Long 128 41W

Fishing No

Making miles

18 August 2012 | 367 to go to the SF Light Bucket (as of 9:20 AM)
(from Bob) After yesterdays report, the motor started running rough. Initial thought was that it was running out of fuel. We switched tanks and added fuel to the first tank. It continued to run rough. The fuel filter looked okay in the site bowl. We opened it up and the filter element was dark. We changed that, topped off the fuel in the fuel filter, and primed the engine. It was so good to hear it working well again.

Some improvements to the system include adding a hand squeeze fuel pump to refill the filter after service, or running out. And a vacuum gauge to see how hard the fuel pump is working to get fuel through the filter. (Thanks to my delivery crew for these ideas.)

So, there I was relaxing on the foredeck in the shade of the main when the jib clew hit me in the head. Ouch! But I did get the clue that the jib should be sheeted out to the rail.

I think a 3PM transit under the Golden Gate Bridge would be a nice time. If we can average 7 knots, it could happen. This morning the wind is a little light, so we are only making a little more than 6 knots, but I think we will be able to make it up later. Last night I throttled back as we were starting to get up to 9 knots when the wind picked up to 14 kts.

It looks like the wind will be shifting around to the NW and filling in some time this afternoon. Hopefully we will be able to pick up some speed for our Monday arrival time.

Currently (4:10 PM) Bsp 6.5 COG 067 AWS 5.0 AWA 120 TWS 11 TWD 210 Main full. #2 Jib up and sheeted out to the rail. Engine 2100 PRM Barro 1016 Lat 37 00N Long 130 16W

Fishing No

Got the low down...

17 August 2012 | 483 to go to the SF Light Bucket (as of 4:10 PM)
(from Bob) We are sailing in the low and the wind has clocked around behind us. We have been trying to gybe for 4 hours now. The seas are calm and the sun is bright.

THe GPS is ready make a guess as to when we will be arriving at the SF light bucket. 86:52 (at 4:10PM) but earlier we were down to 80 hours.

Currently (4:10 PM) Bsp 6.5 COG 062 AWS 2.7 AWA Making circles TWS 7 TWD 235 Main full. #2 Jib up and eased. Engine 2300 PRM Barro 1013 Lat 36 39N Long 132 40W

Fishing No
Vessel Name: Spellbound
Vessel Make/Model: Olson 40
Hailing Port: San Francisco, CA
Crew: Javier Jerez, Bob Gardiner, David Ross, Nathan Bosset, Hendrik Bruhns
About: 5 sailors from the SF Bay area chasing pineapples.

Who: Javier Jerez, Bob Gardiner, David Ross, Nathan Bosset, Hendrik Bruhns
Port: San Francisco, CA